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Your Stories

Your County needs you! — to tell your “greening” story! Do you have a helpful tip or idea that might encourage others? Tell us! Use the Contribute Content page. ********************************************************************************
An Inside View of Montgomery County
Hi! My name is Neda and I interned at the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for about 9 months. I mainly worked with the Watershed Outreach team, where I gained insight to the intricacies of how the Department distributes information and organizes public events. Before working with DEP I was only familiar with a few of the county’s efforts and programs. However, after working with DEP, I learned how vital the local government’s role is in the protection of our environment, and I sure was amazed! During my internship I was able to witness passionate individuals all working towards the goal of making our county even more safe and beautiful. I was able to see not only devoted employees, but also dedicated residents, who share the goal of improving Montgomery County. It is incredible how many things can be done! Every time I volunteer it is so rewarding, plus it is lots of fun! Based off of my experiences, I feel as though every resident would enjoy giving a helping hand. Unfortunately, I can no longer continue my internship — but I wish I could! I’ve had a wonderful time and have learned so much. I encourage all of you to join DEP in giving back to the community. I hope that you will be inspired to continue supporting DEP’s efforts in preserving our local environment and leading other jurisdictions in Maryland to take similar steps. With your help, DEP can move Montgomery County towards a more sustainable future! Also, be sure to take advantage of the wonderful resources that the DEP provides residents. And, check out the Montgomery County Volunteer Center for ways you can get involved! — Neda M., DEP Intern  
Working with Local Watershed Groups: A Personal Experience
Doing something that I know is directly benefiting the community could be the only reason I worked with Rock Creek Conservancy and Storm Water Partners, but there were more reasons: the enjoyment I got in working with our community leaders and organizers doing work that was both fun and engaging; activities where I could gain real world experience, directly related to my studies and field of work; and having the opportunity to build new relationships while reestablishing old ones. These are just some of the reasons that I began working with my local watershed groups. While working with the RCC and SWP, I assisted in making of a few of their brochures. The activity was perfect while attending classes since I could do the work in between my schedule. From outdoor cleanup projects to indoor office assistance, there is always work of any kind available, suitable for anyone’s schedule. You will meet great people and learn more about our county’s watershed system. I recommend that this spring if you are looking for something to do, this is a great way to experience the outdoors. You can also invite your friends and family! — Daniel B., Chevy Chase
My Green Montgomery