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Local Assets

Department of Natural Resources – information about boating, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities and education in Maryland

Maryland Park Service

Clean Marina Program – tie-up to a dock with an eye on our environment

Energy Administration – MEA’s programs and policies help lower energy bills, fuel the creation of green collar jobs, address environmental and climate impacts, and promote energy independence. Maryland Environmental Service – The mission of MES is to provide operational and technical services to protect and enhance the environment for the benefit of the people of Maryland. Maryland Smart Green and Growing –  is a resource for “green” information and services,  a gathering place to share sustainable ideas, and a tool to track state progress.
Department Conservation and Recreation (information about State Parks and recreation areas)

Virginia State Parks

Department of Environmental Quality – DEQ protects and enhances Virginia’s environment, and promotes the health and well-being of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Daily Choices

Montgomery County’s Cooking Grease/Oils Recycling locations and guidelines WSSC Fats, Oils and Grease Program  
Center for a New American Dream Montgomery County Green Retailers and Services Story of Stuff website
County electronic recycling Rockville Electronic Recycling   Private Recycling Programs Greendisk GreenerGadgets – program of the Consumer Electronics Association Refurbish Mac computers locally Verizon Device Recycling Program – Donate phones and electronic devices through Verizon’s Hopeline program, which supports victims of domestic violence. Apple product recycling
Montgomery County Public Schools, Outdoor Environmental Education Programs Montgomery County Public Schools, School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT)

See MCPS’ Recycling Rate and print posters for your school

Poolesville High School, Global Ecology Program – “This program involves an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental issues with major emphasis on science and social studies. This is a field-based program offering students an opportunity to go out about twice a month for hands-on field experiences.”
EPA Safer Choice Program – Safer Choice helps consumers, businesses, and purchasers find products that perform well and are safer for human health and the environment. GreenSeal – “provides science-based environmental certification standards that are credible, transparent, and essential to helping manufacturers, purchasers, and consumers make responsible choices that positively impact business behavior and improve quality of life.” Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning How-to video: Make your own cleaners with household products Make your own soap
Freecycle: donate or receive free items from a local network Guide to Sharing by the Center for a New American Dream Food Recovery Network Community Food Rescue  


ENERGY STAR Choose a Light Guide Dispose of lightbulbs, tubes and ballasts, including CFLs, in Montgomery County Facts about mercury and CFLs  
Quick Home Energy Checkups: The QHEC allows homeowners and tenants to get energy efficient products such as CFLs, efficient-flow showerheads, smart strips, and more, installed at no additional cost to their usual utility bills. As existing customers of utility companies, owners and tenants bear no additional cost for these energy conservation measures.

What are QHECs?

Pepco Customers: Sign up for a QHEC

BGE Customers: Sign up for a QHEC

Potomac Edison Customers: Sign up for a QHEC

  Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Whether its called an audit, a home assessment or the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, signing up for an audit through your utility company will provide you the most comprehensive assessment of your energy usage.  A certified contractor will use diagnostic equipment to perform a comprehensive home energy audit and determine how improvements throughout your home can work together to maximize energy efficiency and savings.

Pepco Customers: Sign Up for a Home Performance Audit

BGE Customers: Sign up for a Home Performance Audit

Potomac Edison Customers: Sign up for a Home Performance Audit

  Types of Tests Blower door test Thermographic scan U.S. Department of Energy 101 on home energy audits     Energy Auditors and Contractors Maryland Home Performance with ENERGY STAR certified auditor list BGE’s Home Performance Contractor list Pepco’s Trade Ally list Potomac Edison Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor List
Energy 101 Videos    Ask an Expert Energy Videos   

Lawn and Garden

What are RainScapes? Rebates Rewards Program RainScapes Neighborhoods  
Tree Montgomery Care Guide The Maryland Tree Benefit Calculator Maryland Forest Conservation and Management Program   Financial Incentives Tree Montgomery – get trees planted for free on your residential, multi-family, business or parking lot property. Montgomery County “Leaves for Neighborhoods” $25 dollar coupon towards the purchase of a tree costing $75 or more State of Maryland $25 coupon for planting a tree costing $50 or more TREE-MENDOUS Maryland – plant a native tree in someone’s honor for $40   Tree Planting Videos


Air quality forecast and AirAlerts Better Ways to Work! A program through Montgomery County Commuter Services that includes Trip Planners, public transit schedules, and maps Start Teleworking: Keep the Job, Lose the Commute guide. Commuter Connections – Commuter Connections is a regional network of transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. If you live or work in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, Commuter Connections can provide you with information on all your commute options, so you can make a smart choice about how you travel to work. Ride-On Trip Planning
Department of Energy’s Tips for Better Driving Habits AAA Fuel Gauge Report  

Water Use at Home

Overview of faucet repairs by type    
EPA WaterSense Program – “Save water and protect the environment by choosing WaterSense labeled products in your home, yard, and business and taking simple steps to save water each day.”

Find WaterSense products

Calculator to find out how much money WaterSense products will save you

Kitchen appliance tips  

Clean Streams

Find out where stormwater goes and how it pollutes County’s Stormwater Facility Program Montgomery County’s Adopt-a-Road Program Rockville Stormwater Management   Time Lapse of Stormwater Pollution:
Montgomery County’s Stream Monitoring Program Audubon Naturalist Society’s Water Quality Monitoring Map – “ANS’s 25 monitoring sites are located in one of the following watersheds: Little Bennett, Little Seneca, Great Seneca, Watts Branch, Rock Creek, Sligo Creek, Northwest Branch, and Paint Branch” Creek Critters app – “shows users how to find the small organisms that live in freshwater streams.” Sligo Creek Water Watchdog – report discharges into the creek or other environmental problems in Sligo  
Want to join others with similar interests? Get involved with a local environmental group! Scroll down for some groups and associations found right in your neighborhood.
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