Caulk and Weatherstripping are Your Friends!

Plugging small leaks can add up to big savings.

Plugging small leaks can add up to big savings.

Small gaps and cracks around your windows and doors and in your basement and attic can let the air you’re heating or cooling escape, and can let in moldy and dusty air, and even vermin!  If you can feel drafts, you really have a problem, but even if you don’t, almost every home, new or old, can benefit from additional caulking and weatherstripping.  Nearly half your energy cost is for heating or cooling your home.  So it’s not just air that’s leaking out — it’s money! While a do-it-yourself sealing project can help remedy many drafty situations there is no replacement for the effectiveness of an air sealing professional.  Working with an auditor these professionals can identify and seal hard-to-locate leaks and test the home to ensure energy efficiency and that a healthy level of air exchange is maintained.   Weatherstripping windows, photo by Cameron Whitman via Shutterstock


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