Compost Kitchen Waste + Yard Trim

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Compost is the foundation of a healthy, sustainable lawn and garden.

There’s gold in your garbage! Black gold, that is. All of your non-meat food waste — from coffee grounds and eggshells to vegetable scraps, pasta and bread — and much of your lawn waste, can be turned into rich compost for your lawn and garden. It’s easy to do and saves money on fertilizers and other amendments. Much of the 1,606 pounds of garbage each person creates every year (2013 EPA estimate) is organic and can be composted, saving space in landfills and keeping our waste water cleaner and easier to purify. All you need is a small, 3’x3’ corner of your yard.  


We bought our red wiggler worms from a locally operated, Veteran owned provider:

I have a qutseion for you. I have Rabbits and Chickens. Are their droppings better for the garden if put directly on the garden? or are they better if Composted first? Thank you for your help!

What does not go to the worms during the summer months goes into our BioPod:

Use of an off the ground compost drum with stop animals from getting into fresh kitchen compost.

Adriano — Animal waste can contain helpful nutrients and also some stuff that you wouldn’t want to contaminate your good compost. There are resources for composting animal waste such as and that encourage composters to design a separate system for animal or pet waste. Once the animal compost process runs its course the material can be mixed with top soil and added to ornamental plants located away from any food producing plants.

compost bucket

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Hello. Does anyone know if there is a place in Montgomery County where I can drop off food waste for recycling. We don’t have time to do this ourself but I hate to throw all these food scraps away. I know there are companies that will pick up food waste from your home (Compost Cab) but they are too expensive. Thanks!

After some investigation, we did not find a commercial facility that accepts food scraps for composting in Montgomery County. Sorry!

I just found this for composting food scraps and more:

When is the best time to put compose in the garden? I wanted to put it now, in the late fall.
Where can I contact for delivery?
Thank you,

Hi Muhitdin,

Fall is definitely a good time to put compost in your garden and it’s a good idea to apply again in early spring, before plants start growing.

If you wish to purchase compost, you may contact one of these LeafGro sellers. Some of them may deliver.

If you would like a free yard trim compost bin from the County, you can find pickup locations on our website.

I hope that information helps and best of luck prepping your garden for winter!