Home Energy Assessment

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Find out how you’re using energy & how you can save money.

Most homes have areas where energy is wasted or overused — and wasted energy costs money you could be keeping in your pocket. A home energy assessment can help identify the best and most cost-effective strategies to reduce your energy bills — and consumption — by up to 30%. It pinpoints energy “leakage” and how to fix it through things like weather-stripping, insulation, heating and cooling tune-ups, etc. An energy assessment report gives you a list of things you can do along with estimates for cost, savings potential, and payback period. Many utilities are also now offering energy assessments at a reduced price. All utilities serving Montgomery County offer Quick Home Energy Check-Ups (QHECs), often for free. They’re not as detailed as a full assessment, but can identify some quick energy-saving options. And many of these check-ups will offer you free energy savings products such as efficient lighting and water heater blankets as part of the visit.  


Today 2 people knocked on my door doing a survey for energy saving for Pepco…I did not schedule an audit.

If Pepco is going to be auditing my neighborhood, I would appreciate an email “heads up” as I turned these two people away. They did not provide me with any identification when introducing themselves to me.
They wanted to see a copy of my Pepco bill, which I did not provide to them.

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I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us.
Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

thanks for posting on energy assessment .really informative.


The home energy can be saved by implementing this energy assessment.

The typical power company audit is more a conversation and visual inspection. A blower door test is more indepth and telling but obviously comes with a price tag. A great in-between option is thermal IR test. You can visualize thermal boundaries, barriers, and bypasses and will usually present you a some obvious areas of concern to tackle first.


There are two options for homeowners, as you mentioned. The Quick Home Energy Checkup is a fast, easy way to reduce energy use in your home and save money. The QHEC allows homeowners and tenants to get energy efficient products such as LEDs, efficient-flow showerheads and smart strips installed at no additional cost to their usual utility bills. As existing customers of utility companies, owners and tenants bear no additional cost for these energy conservation measures.

The more comprehensive option, with the blower door test is part of the Home Performance with Energy Star Program and is a $100 Home Energy Assessment. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a specially trained Participating Contractor trained and certified by the Building Performance Institute will:

– Conduct a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment, including a complete visual inspection and diagnostic tests.
-Provide a Home Energy Assessment Report that includes recommended improvements specific to your home, as well as projected energy savings.

Both of these are available through your utility supplier!