Install a Programmable Thermostat

Heating or cooling a house when no one’s home is like burning money.
Image of a programmable thermostat

Set it, forget it, and save every day.

Heating or cooling a house when no one’s home is like burning money. And since heating and cooling account for 48% of household energy use, you’re talking real money. A programmable thermostat can put that money back in your pocket, while adding convenience and comfort to your day. It can adjust the temperature so that it uses less energy when you leave in the morning and ramps back up to a comfortable level before you get home later. It’s a true no-brainer, because once you set it, it does all the remembering for you. And your utility has programs so you can get one at not cost or at a deep discount.  
Hand turning down temperature on programmable thermostat

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I’ve ordered a programmable thermostat to replace the manual one in my condo apartment. Both the old and new are Honeywell. When inquiring about the new thermostat, I gave the model number and specs of the old one to the Honeywell customer relations department (on the web). They emailed back that it was important for the thermostat to be professionally installed. OK, that’s what they advise, naturally. But I have a question for anyone who can answer:

There are only three wires to the old thermostat. What could possibly be so difficult about installing a new one? Disconnect the power; unscrew the wire nuts; remove the old; attach the new one. What else? But assuming it is more difficult, and I can’t do it, should just about any heating/plumbing company be able to do this job?