Kill A Watt® Meters

Find out how much energy your appliances and electronics really use.

Even when they’re turned off, TVs, computers, stereo systems and other things you plug into the wall can still use electricity — “phantom power” or “energy vampires” — sometimes as much as three to five kilowatt hours each. Plug any device into a “Kill A Watt” meter and you’ll soon know how much energy it uses when it’s off or on. And you’ll get an idea about whether it’s time to replace that refrigerator or air conditioner. When you know how much juice they’re using, you and your family will have a strong incentive to use power strips to turn them all the way off.

Get full details at the official Kill A Watt website.

Click here to check out a Kill A Watt kit from one of the Montgomery County libraries.

A free way to understand and measure your energy-saving strategies— that’s a pretty good incentive! No formal incentive programs at this time.

Is the Kill A Watt available for purchase and how much does it cost?

The Kill A Watt is available from various online retailers for about $20-$30. Do an online search to find a model that works for you. You can also check them out of the library for no cost.

Are there any issues with using a Kill A Watt?

For “high amp” appliances like air conditioners and space heaters, check the nameplate for information on the amperage. Compare this figure to the maximum allowed for the meter. (This is usually found on the back of the meter.) Amperage is not an issue for most consumer electronics or small appliances, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

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