Know Your Water Use

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Use water like it’s a precious commodity, because it is!

Every drop counts! Whether you’re on “city” water or have your own well, the benefits of conserving water add up:
  • If you’re on a municipal water meter, your water bill will go down.
  • If you’re on a well, you’ll have water for drier times of year like late summer/early fall.
  • Regardless of the source, you’ll save money on the electricity it takes to pump and heat water. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating water can account for 12% of a home’s annual energy use, or about $264 for an average home.
See the tips in the Resources section for easy ways to cut your water use.


We already do some of these things but there are some very good suggestions. I like this site!

Jewel B. Barlow

A larger impact on water use and on the functioning of our urban streams can be accomplished by reusing shower and washing machine water for landscape watering. The County should be taking the lead on the means to do this. This could have large favorable impact on the costs to users who want thriving landscapes, to urban streams for which the base flows could be increased significantly, and to the cost of water treatment due to lowering of volume of flows to be processed. References to this can be found under “gray water systems”. The benefits to urban streams would be sufficient to justify this practice even if the water is not explicitly used for landscape watering but is just infiltrated into the ground water system throughout the region.

Roll Out the Rain Ba

Consider the benefits of a Rain Barrel in your yard, the county supports rain barrels, with incentives!
•It is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of helping our planet.
•Free refills! Save money on municipal water bills and qualify for rebates.
•It conserves fresh water and reduces demand on the public water supply.
•It reduces erosion and flooding caused by turbulent storm water runoff.
•Make your plants happy! Plants prefer non-chlorinated water.
•Using collected rain water to slowly irrigate your lawn allows the water to be absorbed back into the groundwater rather than run into the street and on into the streams.
•Reducing runoff reduces water pollution.
•It allows for watering even during a drought.