Maintain Your Car

A little air and TLC goes a long way toward better MPG.

You’ll get more MPG — and as a result spend less on gas — if you regularly mind a few details on your car.

  • Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve your gas mileage up to 3.3% and help your tires last longer (underinflated tires create excess road friction and take more energy to get moving).
  • Fix maintenance issues when they first appear.  Letting problems linger can reduce your MPG especially if they are issues like a faulty oxygen sensor.
  • And it’s always a good idea to keep up with your oil changes, not to mention it can improve your gas mileage 1-2%. Just be sure to properly recycle the waste oil if you do it yourself.

Remember: Along with what you drive, an important determinant of MPG is how you drive. Learn to drive more efficiently. is your #1 resource on how to improve your fuel economy.  It includes maintenance guidance as well as suggestions on how to drive to improve fuel economy and a list of vehicles with the best MPG.

The EPA’s recommendations for car maintenance.

The Department of Energy’s tips for maximizing fuel economy.

The EPA’s tips for saving gas and maximizing fuel economy.

How to recycle motor oil in Montgomery County.

Your incentive is obvious: Save money at the pump! Proper car maintenance combined with sensible MPG-wise driving habits can add up to significant savings every time you fill up.

I do my own car maintenance. How do I get rid of old oil and other disposables?

Check out Montgomery County’s complete “How to Recycle/Dispose of…” guide for proper disposal procedures for car, home, and yard recyclables and hazardous materials.

Where can I find the cheapest gas in Montgomery County? helps locate the cheapest gas in your area; just enter your zip code. There are also a number of smartphone apps that will located the cheapest gas near you, using your phone’s built-in GPS. Check your phone’s app store.

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