Shop a Farmers Market, Join a CSA

Have fun and stock-up on fresh food for the week at a local Farmers Market.
An image of a paper shopping bag surrounded by local vegetables

Support your local farmer!

Farm-fresh food, smiling faces, a sunny sky (hopefully!) — what better way to stock up for your week’s meals? The produce, cheeses, breads, eggs, flowers and even meats that you find at Montgomery County’s farmers markets are fresher and travel less distance than similar grocery store products. Often, they’re also produced with fewer chemical inputs and some are fully organic, an extra benefit for you and the environment. Another option is to join a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, which is like a co-op. For a set seasonal fee, you get a “share” in each week’s harvest; you pick up your bags at a set time and place every week. It’s always fresh, and there’s always something surprising. Either way, you’re supporting local growers, getting healthier, super-fresh food, and reducing the impact from food that often travels more than a thousand miles to reach your table.  
An image of a paper shopping bag surrounded by local vegetables

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Silver Diner has locally grown food. The Silver Diner menu includes hormone and antibiotic free chicken. Ask if people buy free range meat. Half of U.S. grain goes to feed beef, chickens.