Switch to Clean Energy

Power your home with wind or solar — no equipment required!

In Maryland, you can choose where your electricity comes from. Choose a clean, renewable energy source — find one under the Resources tab. Then, your current utility will add renewable energy to its grid to power your home. You don’t have to install any new equipment, your service won’t change, you’ll get the same bill as always, and you may even end up paying less for your electricity.

About 60% of electricity from Pepco, BGE and Potomac Edison comes from coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuel sources. Only 7-9% comes from cleaner, renewable resources such as wind and solar. When you choose clean energy, you decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and all their problems.


Wind turbines

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Check your price per kilowatt-hour on your current electricity bill — it may be listed as your “price to compare.”  Then shop around. You might be surprised that buying wind power can be cheaper than regular electricity from your utility.

Do I have to install anything to get wind power?

Not a thing! The electricity will come through the lines and into your outlets just as before.


How does the wind power get to me?

Wind power is already in the system, but when you choose to switch to 100% wind power, you ensure that there’s more of it. Imagine a swimming pool being filled by big and small hoses. The pool is the electricity grid and the hoses are electricity generation stations. The larger, fire truck-sized hoses are coal and nuclear plants. The smaller, garden-sized hoses are wind and solar generators. When you choose renewable resources, it increases the size of the clean, renewable hoses. So even though all the electrons mix together in the grid – just like all of the water in a swimming pool mixes together to fill the pool – you’ll be ensuring more electricity comes from cleaner sources.


Clean energy uses the same grid

Diagram of how clean energy gets to your house.


How can I be sure the competitive energy supplier is providing wind power?

All electricity suppliers are required by the Maryland Public Service Commission to disclose the contracts of their generation sources, and they must match the amount of electricity sold to consumers. Also, electricity suppliers are required to disclose their fuel mix to the Public Service Commission and to their customers. Be sure to ask the supplier for their Environmental Disclosure Statement to see that they are providing 100% wind power or other clean energy.

Who do I call if I lose power?

Call your current utility — Pepco, BGE or Potomac Edison. They will still distribute the electricity to you, and your bill will still come from them. The only difference is that the competitive clean energy supplier will be listed as the company generating the electricity. Since the utility company owns, operates and maintains the lines, it’s still their responsibility to restore power if it goes out.


I already have to keep track of so many bills – I don’t want another one.

Not to worry. You’ll still get only one bill for your electricity service and it will still be handled by your utility company. The only difference is that the competitive supplier will be listed on the bill.

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  1. raingarden Jan 14, 2012

    There is no where for using solar hot water or solar electric.

  2. Mary Goodin Aug 25, 2017

    We live in Rockville, Maryland. We would like to get our power for our home from a clean energy source. How do we switch to one of these?

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