Switch to Clean Energy

Choose how your electricity is generated -- from wind, solar or another renewable energy source.
Wind turbines, photo courtesy of MGS, via Shutterstock

Power your home with wind or solar — no equipment required!

In Maryland, you can choose where your electricity comes from. Choose a clean, renewable energy source — find one under the Resources tab. Then, your current utility will add renewable energy to its grid to power your home. You don’t have to install any new equipment, your service won’t change, you’ll get the same bill as always, and you may even end up paying less for your electricity. About 60% of electricity from Pepco, BGE and Potomac Edison comes from coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuel sources. Only 7-9% comes from cleaner, renewable resources such as wind and solar. When you choose clean energy, you decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and all their problems.  
Wind turbines

Image credit: MGS/Shutterstock


There is no where for using solar hot water or solar electric.

We live in Rockville, Maryland. We would like to get our power for our home from a clean energy source. How do we switch to one of these?