Telecommute One Day a Week…or More!

Join the teleworking movement.

Washington, DC is consistently ranked as one of the top ten worst cities for traffic.  This is one good reason to leave the car parked one day a week (or more if possible!). In summer, air quality issues are another. Telecommuting one or more days a week helps reduce traffic, air pollution, energy use, and your stress level. You’ll also gain an extra hour or two for work or play when you work from home.

The Federal Government has launched for guidance for employees and managers on best practices for teleworking and how to implement a telework plan at your office.

Information for businesses about starting or expanding telework programs from the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.

Sign-up for AirAlerts from Clean Air Partners, then help to reduce pollution and smog by telecommuting from home on poor air quality days.

Business tax credits up to $2,000 for each laptop used by telecommuters. Other incentives from Montgomery County can be found on the same page.

I’d love to telecommute, but how do I convince my boss?

Consult this employee self-help guide developed by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to learn more about what telecommuting is and how to address it with your boss.

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  1. Devang Jul 11, 2013

    How come Mont.County itself is not Promoting Teleworking?

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