Filling up a glass of water from the tap. Image by Balazs Justin via Shutterstock

Use Water Filters & Reusable Bottles

If you are buying bottled water you are paying too much!
If you are buying bottled water you are paying too much!


Why is the natural gas industry exempt from the Clean Water Act and the Drinking Water Act. They are putting benzene and toluene in the water and sand they pump into the ground. If they do this in the top of the watershed what will stop it from coming into my water. What is the natural gas industry going yo do with the extra mixture?

Given the amount of medication flushed down the drain and winding up in our tap water, I think using tap water is hazardous to our health and spring water is preferable. No water filters can eliminate this medication, plus many other substances found in tap water.

Jumping on the green bandwagon without really thinking through the consequences is a knee-jerk reaction.

Cleanliness and being healthy are the top priority of my family. I have been persuaded in using water filter through this! It is beneficial for my whole family. Thanks a lot

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