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You, the Consumer: the Behind-the-Scenes Story

You’re surrounded by stuff — in your home, your car, your office, everywhere — but do you understand where it comes from and where it goes?  You’ll be shocked, entertained and inspired by  The Story of Stuff and other short films that give the unvarnished story of what our consumption means to ourselves and our planet.  Sit down with some popcorn — in a reusable bowl — and be amazed at what you see.  You’ll never look at your stuff the same way again.


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When you watch this film, you’ll find plenty of incentive to question how much stuff you really need, and how much impact you want to have on the planet.

I don’t really consume that much stuff, and I’m pretty good about recycling. Will my actions really make a difference?

As you’ll learn from the film, for every one can of garbage you discard, 70 cans of waste were created upstream to make the things that go into your one can of garbage. So yes, each of us changing our habits makes a big difference.

We may have an energy crisis, but there are plenty of other resources in the world, right?

Again, if you watch the film, you’ll learn that in just the past three decades, we’ve consumed one-third of the planet’s resources — one third! And we in the United States are the worst offenders. We have just 5% of the world’s population, but we consume 30% of the world’s resources and create 30% of its waste.

We may consume a lot, but at least our products are safe, right? The government tests everything we buy to make sure it won’t hurt us, doesn’t it?

Watch the film! The answer is a big NO! There are 80,000–100,000 chemicals used to make the stuff we put in, on, and around our bodies, and only a small fraction have been texted for any kind of toxicity, and when they have, it’s usually for just one thing, like cancer.

Combinations of chemicals — the kind of combinations that are in almost all our products — are seldom tested. So Big Brother is not looking out for us. We have to look out for ourselves by making smarter choices.

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