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Wrap Your Water Heater and Hot Water Pipes

Keep your water warm and cozy by wrapping your water heater and exposed pipes.
Keep your water warm and cozy by wrapping your water heater and exposed pipes.


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Ariston water heater saves electricity safe use
Ariston’s double-layer copper brazing technology doubles the durability and increases the level of protection for users from the risk of electrical leaks. ION Silver technology prevents the growth and growth of bacteria in the container by up to 80%, creating pure water for the health of the elderly and children. Slim 30 electronic products are integrated with two electronic containment technology to save electricity and reduce the maximum water heating time. In addition, the elegant Latin curves in the design of the famous Italian designer Umberto Palermo contribute to the luxury of your bathroom. The new product line is a perfect match between superiority and Italian design, giving you and your family unforgettable moments.
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An insulating blanket on your water heater and insulating wraps on your hot water pipes save energy, and you won’t have to wait as long for the water to get hot at the faucet.

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