Learn how to be eco-friendly with our easy tips and advice. From composting kitchen scraps to changing your appliance settings to weather proofing your house, there’s all kinds of things you can do to save energy and live greener. A few simple changes can help the environment and save you big money, too!

Appliances Projects

Schedule a Quick Home Energy Checkup

Most homes have areas where energy is wasted or overused — and wasted energy costs money you could be keeping in your pocket. You could try to search your home for energy saving projects yourself, or you could call in a professional. View Project

Install & Use Power Strips

TVs, computers, stereos, chargers — if the light is glowing, it’s using power, even if it’s turned off. This “phantom” standby power helps them to turn on quickly, but also quickly adds up to a lot of unnecessary energy usage. View Project

Change Your Appliance Settings

Raising your refrigerator’s temperature setting from 35 to 38 degrees and lowering your hot water heater temperature to 120 degrees can save energy and money. It’s just a few degrees that you won’t even notice. View Project