In Your Yard

In Your Yard Projects

Make you own mosquito trap (Ovitrap) for 50 cents!

Hold the pesticide sprays! How To Make Your Own 50-cent Pesticide-Free Mosquito “Ovitrap”!  This project can be downloaded here: Ovitrap Directions Did you know that most of those sprays being done by mosquito companies not only can harm you, kids. and pets, but that they actually kill all the beneficial insects in your yard? We’re View Project

Install a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are a beautiful way to use your landscape to soak up and filter excess rainwater and keep it from entering storm drains or going directly into streams. View Project

Create a Conservation Landscape

Conservation landscaping can help protect air and water, manage stormwater, conserve energy, and provide a more beautiful, healthier human environment. By using native plants and low-input designs, you’ll reduce water, pesticide and fertilizer use. View Project

Install Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are often the starter project for those interested in helping to reduce stormwater pollution and protect our streams. View Project