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Brews and Bulbs, coming to a local brewery near you!

Join us for Brews and Bulbs What do beer and light bulbs have in common? They both come in a variety of colors! Come find out what color light bulb you should have in every room of your house and then order a beer in that hue! These events were a collaboration with local breweries

Join us for Books and Bulbs at your local library

October is National Energy Action Month and we’re celebrating by hosting 6 Books and Bulbs events at libraries across the County. Books and Bulbs is a free event where County residents bring their old lightbulbs and swap them for up to 3 LEDs and a reusable bag. Collect your old incandescent or CFL light bulbs

Lighting up your home with LED light bulbs

We rely on lights in our homes for plenty of purposes—task lighting to finish up homework, outdoor flood lights to see at night, or a fancy chandelier to enjoy a nice meal at home. Lighting can account for 14 percent of total electricity use in our homes, according to the EIA. To cut down on