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Green Treefrog Todd Pierson

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Did you know that 14 types of frogs and toads call Montgomery County home? Our local frogs and toads are helpful indicators of the health of our waters (along with just being cute!). They have porous eggs and can breathe through their skin, which makes them susceptible to environmental change. That’s why they are used
Green Treefrog Todd Pierson

A green treefrog takes up residency in the Paint Branch Watershed!

During a warm summer night, a Montgomery County FrogWatch volunteer, Maura McMullen, heard a strange call that she was unable to identify from the County’s frog and toads website. She sent in the recording to DEP to help her identify the species. DEP identified the frog as a green treefrog, the first recorded finding of

Recording ribbits! My experience as a new FrogWatcher

A group of newly minted FrogWatch volunteers met one evening in Wheaton for a field FrogWatch training. We set off in a line after dark to a spot by a large stormwater management pond and set our smart phones for the required 3 minute period of frog monitoring. Unfortunately it was only 45 degrees Fahrenheit