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Buying green electricity for your home

An important way to combat global warming is to switch our electricity supply to “green” electricity (generated from wind- and solar-powered sources, both of which do not emit carbon dioxide). Electricity generation is the single largest source of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.  Electricity sold by Pepco in Maryland in 2017 was generated mostly by coal
Image of a wind farm

DYK: You can choose your energy supplier in Maryland?

It is very common for Montgomery County residents to think that their only choices for an energy supplier are Pepco, Potomac Edison, or BGE. In reality you have many more options and freedom of choice. The state of Maryland began offering their residents the power to choose their own electricity provider in 1999. With this
Multi-family Apartment Building

For renters, sustainability can be simple too

With so many sustainability programs targeted towards property owners and homeowners, it often seem that renters get left out. Renters are just as “green” as owners and, more often than not, they are paying their own utility bills. What is a renter to do? As with other kinds of residences, apartments afford opportunities large and small