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Tech & Energy (Spanish)

¿Tiene curiosidad sobre cuáles aparatos domésticos usan la mayor cantidad de energía y qué puede hacer para reducir su uso de energía? En esta presentación, usted aprenderá sobre los usuarios

Energy BINGO

This Earth Month, we are excited to host Online Energy BINGO, and we have awesome prizes to give away! To be eligible, you must either tag us on Social Media

What is Montgomery Energy Connection?

For the last few years, the Department of Environmental Protection has been working with Health and Human Services and other community partners to launch Montgomery Energy Connection. Montgomery Energy Connection

First Summer of P.O.W.E.R.

This year, we piloted a program called P.O.W.E.R. which was an acronym for Peer Outreach With Energy Resources. The program was created as a partnership between Audubon Naturalist Society and

Brews and Bulbs

What is Brews and Bulbs In 2019, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection Energy Programs partnered with local breweries. These events showed residents how to reduce their energy bills, switch