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đź’ˇLight Bulb Exchangeđź’ˇ

The 32nd Annual Burtonsville Day Parade & Celebration Event with Lightbulb Exchange! If you want some really cool items that will enhance your living space, we encourage you to come

4th Grade STEM Class Creates Energy Savers Plan

After studying energy, creating energy-related inventions, conducting audits and analyses, and more 4th-grade STEM students at Washington Episcopal School developed an energy conservation project for their community named the Energy

Make Energy Cent$

Oasis Lifelong Adventure is hosting this presentation. We are in the middle of summer which means we are all using our air conditioners and a lot more energy. This presentation

Energy BINGO

This Earth Month, we are excited to host Online Energy BINGO, and we have awesome prizes to give away! To be eligible, you must either tag us on Social Media

Energy Tips for Teleworking

During these unprecedented times, many of us are now working from home – and usually with kids in tow which means that we are using more electricity and water every

Where do CFLs go?

Throughout this past summer and fall, DEP’s Residential Energy Program Manager, Larissa Johnson, has been collecting old incandescent and compact florescent (CFL) light bulbs to ensure that Montgomery County residents

What is Montgomery Energy Connection?

For the last few years, the Department of Environmental Protection has been working with Health and Human Services and other community partners to launch Montgomery Energy Connection. Montgomery Energy Connection

Check out the Energy Roadshow!

The Energy Roadshow is your one stop event for all things energy related in the County. It is an open house setting and residents will be encouraged to come and

First Summer of P.O.W.E.R.

This year, we piloted a program called P.O.W.E.R. which was an acronym for Peer Outreach With Energy Resources. The program was created as a partnership between Audubon Naturalist Society and

6 Sizzling Tips for Summer Energy Savings

Summer is well underway. So you may already be “in the soup” of sticky, humid days and bracing yourself for unpredictable cooling costs. But don’t worry—energy efficiency has got your

Scheduling a QHEC in Potomac Edison

  Did you know that there are three utility suppliers who provide electricity to residents in Montgomery County? Your utility is determined by where you live. If you live in