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We Need Your Input

We seek your input on new services being considered by the County government. Your opinion matters to us, and we want to ensure that the decisions we make align closely

Urban Farming, Sustainability and the Environment

Join us for a conversation with Karen Washington, urban community gardener and food justice advocate and Jarabi S. Walker, Bowie State University’s first ever Sustainability & Energy Coordinator around the

Taking Nature Black

The 5th Taking Nature Black Conference is being held Wednesday, March 8-Saturday, March 11, 2023. Tickets are now Available! Themed “Belonging: Engaged and Empowered,” this year’s event takes place during

Green Advocacy 101 – Student Workshop

Maryland’s 2023 legislative session is underway, and we want to ensure that students are prepared to make their voices heard on the environmental and sustainability issues that matter to them!

Melting Glaciers, Rising Seas

Did you know that if the Thwaites glacier in Antarctica melts entirely, the world could experience a 10-foot rise in sea levels? Join us for a program with geosciences professor

Meet the 2022 Summer Climate Interns!

The County’s Climate Team is happy to welcome Najila, Lulu, Kristina, Feh, Daniel, Rachel, and Lumina as interns and fellows for the summer! Each of these passionate individuals will collaborate

MoCo Environmental Task Force

Across the county, students are becoming increasingly more involved in helping make Montgomery County become a more sustainable and environmentally conscious place to live. One such student organization, the MCR

Naturally Latinos Conference

Join us to talk with Latinx colleagues, activists, and experts. We’ll tackle climate change, environmental justice, immigration, indigeneity, outreach, journalism, career development, advocacy, and more. You’ll enjoy workshops, networking sessions,

Sustainability in Schools (Part 2)

Join SAPPlings for its next high school student forum and dive into a review of MCPS’s new draft Sustainability Policy. Learn how to comment on the policy and what you

SAPPlings Student Forum

With the holidays coming up, we invite Montgomery County high school students to join the next SAPPlings forum to discuss food choices, food waste and sustainability. In addition to the

Stream Critters – Yellow Lance Mussel

Introduction Can animals that look like rocks and are capable of trickery and bloodsucking have a positive effect on water quality? What if those same animals had common names like

Stream Critters – Marbled Salamander

Introduction Marbled salamanders are marvelous critters. These thin-skinned, cold-blooded salamanders – and frogs and toads – survive winters without coats. That’s amazing. Salamanders can lose a leg or tail and

Stream Critters – Giant Stonefly

Introduction Picture this: an ancient adult stonefly lands on a stegosaurus. The stegosaurus doesn’t notice. The stonefly is looking for a mate, not a huge dinosaur, and it flies away.

Stream Critters – Acuminate Crayfish

Introduction “Look! Right there! Under that rock in the middle of the stream! Is that a lobster?” Nope. It’s a crayfish, the smaller freshwater cousin of the lobster. You can’t

Stream Critters

Introduction Eels have mystified people from Aristotle who thought they developed from earthworms to young Sigmund Freud who couldn’t find what makes a male eel a male and who switched

“Lighten Up” Lightbulb Exchange

Montgomery Energy Connection, a program of Montgomery County is excited to bring “Lemonade & LEDs” to your Farmers’ Market. Join us on Sunday, August 1st at the Bethesda Central Farmers’

“Lighten Up” Lightbulb Exchange

Montgomery Energy Connection, a program of Montgomery County is excited to bring “Lemonade & LEDs” to your Farmers’ Market. Join us on Sunday, May 30th at the Olney Farmers’ Market

Kemp Mill Shallow Marsh Wetland

Wetlands Provide Ecosystem Services Wetlands are often described as the “kidneys of the landscape.” They help remove pollutants from runoff and moderate the flow of water to mitigate floods and


Website: #BlackinEnvironment Week(link is external) Join Black in Environment for a fantastic lineup of events and speakers from April 19–23rd, and be sure to follow @BlackinEnviron on Instagram(link is external) and Twitter(link

Booze Creek Gets a Face Lift

Nearly 1400 young trees find a new home along Booze Creek  As of April 2021, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has completed more than three quarters of the

Winter starts the new garden year

Gardeners know: when the days start to lengthen, it’s time to get back to the garden. One of the typical garden activities of winter is ordering seeds and plants. Another

Signs of Spring: Fish!

Signs of spring are beginning to appear but, what makes it springtime? Who you ask will determine the answer you receive. If they are like most of my friends, it

Road Salt is a Problem

Salt is useful because it is inexpensive and somewhat effective in breaking down ice and snow on our roads.  Following a storm, major roads need to be safe and passable.