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Light Bulb Swap with the Town of Chevy Chase

Light up the holidays at a light bulb swap! The Town of Chevy Chase is partnering with DEP for this energy saving event. Bring in your old CFL or incandescent bulbs, and receive up to 3 free LEDs. You’ll also take home a reusable bag.
Different Bulbs

Where do CFLs go?

Throughout this past summer and fall, DEP’s Residential Energy Program Manager, Larissa Johnson, has been collecting old incandescent and compact florescent (CFL) light bulbs to ensure that Montgomery County residents have the most energy efficient bulbs on the market.     LEDs? But I just switched to CFLs! It may seem like you just switched

Lighten the Load with DEP and Safeway

Get up to 3 LEDs and a free reusable bag at an upcoming Safeway event! Bring in your old incandescent or CFL light bulbs and DEP will exchange them for up to 3 new and energy efficient LEDs. The ENERGY STAR®-certified LEDs we’re giving away offer a warm white light that’s equivalent to a 60-watt