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How Deep is Your Green?

Thanks for taking the How Deep is Your Green quiz! Here are some resources to continue on your green journey and share the quiz with your friends.   Take the

Energize with 15 in Fifteen!

Introducing Montgomery Energy Connection’s ‘Energize with 15 in Fifteen!’ virtual trivia game! In celebration of October Energy Action Month, we are excited to offer the Montgomery County community this electrifying,

Recycling Achievement Recognition Week 2020

  Each year, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling and Resource Management Division recognizes residents; multi-family properties, staff and residents; and businesses, organizations, local, state and federal government
Keep recyclables clean!

Let’s keep our recyclables clean!

Updated: May 2021   The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycle and Resource Management Division has seen an increase in the amount of non-recyclable items being erroneously placed in