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What to Expect from a Virtual QHEC

Crystal Faison, owner of Shepherd Energy, will present this event on both VHECs and QHECs, the differences between the two, the measures a customer may be eligible for, etc.

Make Energy Cents (Spanish)

¿Está buscando maneras de reducir su factura de utilidad y ahorrar el dinero para su bolsillo? ¡La conexión de Montgomery de energía puede ayudar! Esta presentación le da la introducción al sitio web nuevo del Condado, http://www.MontgomeryEnergyConnection.org. Le brindará información confiada y útil para manejar y bajar sus gastos y consumo de energía. Usted aprenderá

Tech & Energy

Curious about which household appliances use the most energy and what you can do to reduce your energy use? In this lecture, you’ll learn about the top energy users in the home and what you can do to spend less money on energy. We’ll discuss kill-a-watt meters, which tell you how much energy a device

Lighting& Smart Bulbs

Overwhelmed by the options of lightbulbs available? This lecture reviews common lighting terminology like watts and lumens and explains the differences between the many types of bulbs currently on the market. You’ll learn which bulb offers the most in terms of energy efficiency that can help lower your utility bill. Additionally, we’ll explore the benefits