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Image of environmentally friendly soap

Cooking Green Herbal Soap

As spring arrives with its blossoming gardens and blooming orchards, it’s prime time for people to rekindle their care for nature through new, innovative activities. Over the past few weeks,
Image of Montgomery County residents enjoying the green market at the Silver Spring GreenFest.

Silver Spring GreenFest

Downtown Silver Spring is going green on Saturday, October 5th!  For the second year, Silver Spring is hosting a GreenFest with environmentally themed vendors, activities, games and educational opportunities.  The
Image of Department of Environmental Protection staff at the 2012 County Fair.

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair is here! From Friday, August 9 until Saturday, August 17th, you can participate in a celebration of Montgomery County’s agricultural history and join thousands of other
Image of a local farm near Montgomery County.

Farm-to-Table Restaurant Week

From July 22-28, 2013, diners can supports local farms and try foods grown or raised in the region during Farm-to-Table Restaurant Week.  Area restaurants will feature dishes, menus and/or drinks made by
Image of three high school volunteers removing invasive species.

High School WEED Warriors

We originally found out about the WEED Warrior program through the C and O Canal National Park.  The reason we got involved with this program is because of our field