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Introducing the #MontgomeryPlogs Wacky Wednesdays Challenge!

What a better way to wrap up a WACKY year! Let’s wrap up 2020 with some wacky plogging fun! In honor of the wacky year and all the wacky finds and wacky ways folks and pets are participating – yes, pets – Montgomery Energy Connection is adding Wacky Wednesdays to the Plogging FUN! Did you

How to Safely Apply Salt in the Winter

We are all familiar with the crunch of salt underfoot after a snowstorm in Montgomery County. But where does this salt go after the snow and ice has melted? What are the environmental, health, and economic consequences of excessive salt usage in the Winter? What is the problem? Salt left sitting on roads and sidewalks

Montgomery County Virtual H2O Summit

Taking pride in local water quality, networking, and learning about what is happening in your area is what the H2O Summit is all about! Join us to learn about water quality and how you can become more involved. Since 2020 has become quite unique, the H2O Summit will be held virtually via Zoom. There will

15 in Fifteen Energy and Water Trivia Game

In celebration of Energy Awareness Month, October 2020, Montgomery Energy Connection will be hosting several 15 in Fifteen Trivia Games in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. What is 15 in Fifteen Trivia? It is fifteen questions in 15 minutes (about energy/other topics) in a fun, fast paced trivia game to get

15 in Fifteen Energy and Water Trivia Game

In celebration of Energy Awareness Month, October 2020, Montgomery Energy Connection will be hosting several 15 in Fifteen Trivia Games in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. What is 15 in Fifteen Trivia? It is fifteen questions in 15 minutes (about energy/other topics) in a fun, fast paced trivia game to get

RainScapes Rewards Program Pausing for a Few Months

We want to thank all that have expressed interest in our RainScapes Rewards program this year. We have received a record number of rebate applications, and at this time need to take a pause while we process the applications we have already received. From October 12, 2020 until February 14, 2021 we will not be

Steps to a deeper shade of green

Several years ago, one of my friends told me I was the “greenest person she knew!” Although surprised, my “normal” is apparently not the norm. I am constantly trying to harness the greenest of measures for mutual benefit! When I reflect on how I got to this point, it has been a gradual process but

The Power of Scooping Poop

Have you ever heard of the Poop Fairy? No? Probably because there is no such thing. Pet owners across Montgomery County are responsible for picking up their pet’s waste when in public areas and at home. Pet waste is unpleasant to look at or step in and it does not smell good. Not only does

Becoming a Beekeeper

How did I get started? I got interested in beekeeping out of a desire to make a small benefit to our yard and neighborhood.  My wife and I have always been gardeners; growing plants for the benefit of pollinators, including honeybees, was a part of our approach.  Over the years we’ve bought honey from local

No One Wants Trashy Water: Pollution Prevention

What is the Problem?  Litter in our communities is detrimental local wildlife as it pollutes streams. Litter can be any piece of trash that is not put into the correct receptacle and is instead left in an open area. Plastic bottles, face masks and gloves, soda cans, paper, and pet waste all count as litter

Caring for Sligo Creek Walking Tour

County Green Streets and RainScapes Rewards projects in the Sligo Park Hills neighborhood provided inspiration to representatives of local congregations who recently attended a walking tour hosted by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in partnership with Montgomery County and the Friends of Sligo Creek. The tour is part of a Caring for Sligo Creek Sacred

Monitoring Montgomery County’s Streams

Did you know that September 18th is World Water Monitoring Day? Since 1995 Montgomery County has maintained a stream monitoring program. As a result, the program has tracked water quality and stream condition changes throughout the County. Monitoring Countywide Monitoring fulfills requirements under state and local regulations and occurs on a yearly basis.  DEP monitoring

Yard care tips for the fall

Fall is one of the best times to improve your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden. The basic maintenance you do during this “second spring” will pay off in healthier growth and fewer problems next year.   Mulch Your Trees Now is the time to add a layer of mulch around your trees. In the winter,

Energize with 15 in Fifteen!

Introducing Montgomery Energy Connection’s ‘Energize with 15 in Fifteen!’ virtual trivia game! In celebration of October Energy Action Month, we are excited to offer the Montgomery County community this electrifying, fast-paced 15-minute trivia game to test your knowledge while learning fun facts! Don’t know much about energy? No problem! Play, learn, and WIN! Ready to

Maintenance and Inspection of Stormwater Best Management Practices

Did you know there are more than 17,000 Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Montgomery County? These stormwater BMPs protect rivers, streams and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay! Stormwater BMPs are designed to help reduce water pollution and protect stream habitat. How do they function? Stormwater BMPs reduce or eliminate pollution that washes off surrounding lands

Artistic Messages of Consciousness, Community, and Clean Water

If you look closely, you will find many beautifully painted storm drains across Montgomery County with messages highlighting the importance of clean water and protecting the Chesapeake Bay. These designs were created by county residents who entered in the annual Clean Water Art Contest over the past few years. Past winners of this contest have

Stormwater Best Management Practices

August is water quality awareness month. At the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) the Watershed Restoration Division’ entire focus is water protection year-round! The Watershed Restoration Division is responsible for Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP).  What does that mean? Stormwater BMPs include physical structures, the use of plants and root systems to soak

Explore County’s water quality restoration work through interactive map and learn ways to save money!

This past June, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) developed an interactive web map with dynamic infographics.  The interactive map displays the County’s restoration efforts that have taken place between 2010 and 2018. This includes projects such as stream restorations, improving stormwater ponds, tree plantings and installing rain gardens.   How to use the

Streams of Consciousness: Knowing Where Our Stormwater Goes

Many storm drains in Montgomery County lead straight to streams, which then feed into larger streams and rivers and eventually lead to the Chesapeake Bay. We pass these storm drains every day, but we don’t take the time to think about what substances pass through them and, ultimately, how we contribute daily to the quality

Clean Water Art Contest Winners!

Every year we host an art contest to help us with educating Montgomery County residents on the importance of protecting our communities and local waters – our rivers and streams.  The goal is to educate everyone that everything that ends on sidewalks, roads, yards, any hard surface on the ground can eventually flow to our

Sustainable Plumbing Options for Your Garden

Since we are living in the age of scarce natural resources and climate change, we must make an effort to recycle, repurpose, reuse, and conserve resources. The good news is—the popularity of sustainable living is constantly on the rise. Water is one of the most precious things we have, and our gardens need it. By

Plan Now for Garden Success

With the holidays behind and the slower pace of winter taken hold, this is a great time to reflect on your garden goals for the coming year, including plans for new landscaping. Knowing what you want to accomplish now will save time and help better position your project ahead of the spring rush. So, time

Tips to Lower Your Water & Electricity Bills

There’s nothing as annoying as having to spend a considerable amount of your income on utility bills. You know, I used to regard utility bills as a sort of evil because, with the rate at which it kept building up, I may never save up enough money to get other things done. All thanks to

Watershed Restoration Division – 2019 Highlights!

The mission of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is to enhance the quality of life in our community by protecting and improving Montgomery County’s air, water and land in a sustainable way while fostering smart growth, a thriving economy and healthy communities. The Watershed Restoration Division is dedicated to improving stream health and water

H2O Summit

H 2O Summit Set for Nov. 2nd, 2019 at the Rockville Senior Center, 1150 Carnation Dr, Rockville, MD 20850 Taking pride in local water quality, networking, and learning about what is happening in your area is what the H 2O Summit is all about! Join local community groups to learn about how the County addresses

Rainwater Harvesting & Reducing Stormwater Runoff

Environmental Stewardship & Going Green Workshop Series How can we act as environmental stewards to take care of God’s creation? What does the Bible say about our duties as environmental stewards of God’s creation? What is rainwater harvesting and how can it fulfill our duties as environmental stewards? How does limiting stormwater that flows out
Lewy family at the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Volunteer Champions: The Lewy Family

    The Lewy Family was recognized as Volunteer Family of the Year during DEP’s 20th Annual Recycling Achievement Ceremony. Find out more about The Lewy Family in our series, Volunteer Champions.   Super Family, Super Volunteers   Vivian and her son, Issac, a rising high school freshman and her twin daughters Adrienna and Brienna,

What flows down the street, goes to the creek!

…And we have proof! Bill Wydro, a board members of the Regency Estates Citizens Association conducts periodic litter patrols of his neighborhood. One area routinely checked is Snakeden Creek, next to the entrance of the Regency Estates community swimming pool. There are 2 approximately 7’ diameter culverts that go under Gainsbourgh Road and open into
Chesapeake Bay Photo by the U.S. EPA

Montgomery County Celebrates Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week 2019

Adapted from Joan Smedinghoff’s original article, “All of us have a hand in restoring the Bay,” published on May 30, 2019. Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week is a time for us to celebrate the culture, history and natural beauty of the Bay and its surrounding lands, rivers and streams. From upstate New York to southern Virginia,

Yellow Lance Mussel in Montgomery County!

In 2015, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Biological Monitoring team found a yellow lance mussel (Elliptio lanceolate) while conducting a fish survey on the Hawlings River. The yellow lance mussel is a freshwater mussel that is sensitive to water quality and can be found in clean, moderate flowing streams. Their population have declined

Register for a spring RainScapes training course!

The RainScapes program offers low-cost trainings to residents of Montgomery County, MD who are interested in using their property to improve water quality and provide habitat for wildlife.  RainScapes, include rain barrels, rain gardens and conservation landscaping. These are extremely popular, so don’t miss out! Make and Take Rain Barrel Workshop Workshop Dates and Times: Thursday,
Olney Elementary School Rain Garden Dedication

Rain gardens dedicated at Olney Elementary School

The Department of Environmental Protection collaborated with Montgomery County Public Schools to install three gardens at Olney Elementary School. The new gardens were dedicated during a ceremony on Thursday, November 1st with students from the school and local dignitaries. The partnership with MCPS started in 2012 where the two agencies identified locations on school properties

Lands Green, Waters Clean: Butterfly and Bay Friendly Garden Tour

This free self-guided tour is open to anyone interested in seeing what butterfly and Bay-friendly gardening looks like. The tour features the Woodland Hills Home Owners Association, The City of Gaithersburg Constitution Park, a private home, Epworth Church, and Pleasant View Historic Site. Each of these sites adds something unique to the tour and each

Blue Spotlight On: The Muddy Branch Watershed

DEP’s Blue Spotlight On series is a new feature for residents to learn about the County’s local watersheds.This is the second blog in the Blue Spotlight On series (check out our spotlight on the Anacostia River).  Today’s highlighted watershed: Muddy Branch!   About Muddy Branch The Muddy Branch watershed is one of the smaller watersheds

DEP and Safeway want you to “Lighten Your Load”

During the Summer of 2018, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Safeway stores partnered to help save shoppers energy and money on their lighting with “Lighten Your Load” events. Through the summer, we collected 2,887 bulbs and recycled them properly. On select days at Safeway locations, shoppers were encourgaged to bring old

The Montgomery County Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant Program is now OPEN!

The Montgomery County Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant program, offered by the Montgomery County Government and the Chesapeake Bay Trust, is now accepting proposals to support watershed restoration and outreach throughout Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant Program encourages small-scale on-the-ground restoration practices like rain gardens and permeable pavement to reduce

Montgomery County stormwater summit for homeowners

On June 6 the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of Maryland (UMD) hosted a Montgomery County Stormwater Summit for Homeowners at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton. This event, part of larger project funded by a Chesapeake Bay Trust grant and the Montgomery County Water Quality Charge, was attended by more than 70 folks from

Know Your Blooms: Swamp Milkweed

Have you noticed the blooms of swamp milkweed? Starting in June, swamp milkweeds flowers start opening in sunny habitats in the County, such as wet meadows and swales. This includes roadside rain gardens and bioswales where the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have planted the species. Swamp milkweed’s flowering hits full force in July, and

The Montgomery County green infrastructure stormwater tour was a big success!

Chesapeake Awareness Week was the first week in June and the celebration kicked off with a Stormwater Tour! On May 31st, two busloads of landscape architects, designers, engineers, and environmental professionals took a three hour tour of green infrastructure sites, soils, and plants. The sites are managed by Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP),

Lighten the Load with DEP and Safeway

Get up to 3 LEDs and a free reusable bag at an upcoming Safeway event! Bring in your old incandescent or CFL light bulbs and DEP will exchange them for up to 3 new and energy efficient LEDs. The ENERGY STAR®-certified LEDs we’re giving away offer a warm white light that’s equivalent to a 60-watt

Blue Spotlight On: The Anacostia Watershed

This is the first in an upcoming series where we put the “Blue Spotlight” on a local watershed. You’ll get a quick look at this watershed and some of the challenges and opportunities to keep it healthy. About the Anacostia Watershed The 176 square mile Anacostia watershed spans Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties and the

Civic engagement opportunity: join the County’s Water Quality Advisory Group!

On May 11th, County Executive Ike Leggett announced that the County is seeking applicants for the Water Quality Advisory Group. The Montgomery County Water Quality Advisory Group (WQAG) provides recommendations to the County Executive and the County Council on water quality management goals and policies, program priorities, and funding. WQAG’s mission is to recommend programs,

Hollywood Branch: A neighborhood stream restored

Located on the east side of Colesville, Hollywood Branch is a tributary in the greater Paint Branch Watershed. From 2008 to 2015, more than 4,400 feet of stream were restored by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The cooperative restoration process included input from landowners, Montgomery County Parks (M-NCPPC), and other stakeholders.  

Join our team! DEP is looking for two interns

DEP is looking for two interns to join our team part-time. The positions are paid. Both internships will start as soon as possible. Pet Waste Management Program – Division of Watershed Management Operations (1 position) One of the key responsibilities of DEP is to develop and implement public outreach and educational programs, as well as stewardship