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Your Story: Homeowner navigates the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program

Interested in lowering your home’s energy bill?  Take advantage of your utilities’ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.  If you are new to this program, view our recent blog on the steps to apply. Read Julia Kalloz story below for an in-depth look at the program.    Homeowner Julia Kalloz walked us through her experience

County resident receives the Presidential GreenGov sustainability hero award

Congrats Ed! In late November, the Obama Administration announced the recipients of the GreenGov Presidential Awards, which celebrates extraordinary achievement in the pursuit of President Obama’s Federal Sustainability goals. They honor Federal civilian and military personnel, agency teams, agency projects, facilities, and programs that exemplify President Obama’s charge to lead by example. County resident, Ed Murtagh,
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Elliott’s easy environmental tips

The environment is essential to our well-being. The water, land, and air contain the resources necessary for us to live, grow, and thrive. But, nothing is unlimited. This is why we must live sustainably- making the most of today while creating opportunities for tomorrow- and being conscious of our actions.   I’m Elliott, DEP’s new

Waste not? Not quite – Attempting a day without waste

The U.S. is known for producing blockbuster films, fast food and a really insane amount of trash. We make up less than 5% of the world’s population yet generate 15-20% of its waste. Bottom line? The average U.S. citizen produces 2,076 pounds of trash per year. Whether you blame it on our affinity for consumption,