Join the FIRST EVER Capital Area Solar Co-op 2021

March 31, 2021

For the first time in jurisdictional history – Montgomery County is joining the town of Poolesville, cities of Bowie, Falls Church, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Takoma Park, and Washington DC as well as Arlington and Frederick County in an effort to promote residential solar installations!

Launched on April 1, 2021, this is no April’s Fool’s Joke, this cooperative, collaborative Co-op opportunity will be available from April – August 2021 for residents all over the Capital Area!

Have you been thinking about going solar but not know how or where to start? Are you not sure about financing or incentives? Are you interested in adding an electric vehicle charging station to your home?

The #CapitalAreaSolarCoop is here to answer all those questions and more!!! Find out more at the #CapitalAreaSolarCoop webpage to pick your state and find out information specific to you.

Why should I join the #CapitalAreaSolarCoop  

We have partnered with Solar United Neighbors (SUN) a local nonprofit to help residents go solar, install EV charging stations, and even purchase solar storage. Joining #CapitalAreaSolarCoop is FREE – that’s right – NO MONEY NEEDED TO JOIN!!!

Solar co-ops give you support through each stage of the solar process. Participants leverage bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation, while still signing individual contracts that ensure the right system for your home.

Watch this video for a more in-depth explanation.

How do I find out more?

We encourage you to attend a FREE informational session – all of which are happening online this year. Go to the #CapitalAreaSolarCoop webpage, click on your area: DC, Maryland, or Virginia, and then go to EVENTS.

Once there, you will see all of the options available to you! If you can’t make any of the Maryland dates – that is okay, DC and Virginia also have options open to you. There will be General Solar 101 informational sessions as well as specialized presentations from partner organizations, Montgomery County Green Bank, One Montgomery Green, and Poolesville Green.

Continue to check the EVENTS page to find out what is happening and when.

On Tuesday, April 6th, the City of Takoma Park hosted a Solar 101 Session, watch it here.

Before You Go Solar – Make Sure Your Home is Energy Efficient

What is the cheapest form of energy? It is the energy we don’t use – also known as conservation. Energy efficiency is all about not wasting energy and helps us reduce our energy consumption. The goal of energy efficiency is saving costs both in energy production and energy consumption. As a rule, reducing energy use is also seen as a solution to the problem of reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases.

So, before you go solar, we want to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Schedule a Home Energy Assessment

A Home Energy Assessment can help you determine how much energy your home uses, where your home is losing energy, and which problem areas and fixes you should prioritize to make your home more efficient and comfortable. In Maryland, we have two options available through the EmPOWER Maryland Program.

  1. Quick Home Energy Check up
    This program is at NO ADDITIONAL COST to residents who pay their utility bill, the appointment takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.
    What to expect: A contractor will provide you with energy efficient products such as: LED light bulbs, high efficiency showerheads, advanced powerstrips, and more.
  2. The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
    This program costs $100 (a $400 value which is paid by the EmPOWER Maryland Program), the appointment takes about 2-3 hours to complete.
    What to expect: A contractor will provide you with energy efficiency products such as: LED bulbs, efficient-flow showerheads, smart strips, and more. Additionally, you will receive a detailed report with recommended improvements, rebates, and the potential energy savings you could receive.

If Your Roof Doesn’t Support Solar

That is okay, there are still options for you! Community, or shared, solar makes it possible for anyone with an electric bill to access solar energy, even if they can’t put it where they live.

Residents receive the same benefit as installing solar panels on their roofs by subscribing to a large commercial project in the same utility area. Find local projects in which you can participate.

Not sure where to start or have other energy questions?

Visit – it is your link to energy savings. Check out the #CapitalAreaSolarCoop webpage for more information as well.


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