Control Mosquitos without Toxic Pesticides!

April 15, 2022

Did you know you can virtually eliminate the mosquito population in your yard and neighborhood with a few simple, non-toxic ingredients?

If you didn’t know, those expensive pesticides being fogged into a yard are not only ineffective, but harmful to you, your pets, children, and important insects that protect your trees and flowers.

Female mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, and if we can trick them into this simple trap, we can actually reduce the population by the thousands!

All you need is a bucket, some straw, and BTI mosquito dunks or bits.

Placing straw into a bucket of water will attract more females to lay eggs, as the fermenting straw will multiply the diatoms and algae that mosquito larvae like to eat. You can use plain water or other dried plant matter, but straw or hay works fast.

Add into your bucket a mosquito dunk (or part of one), or mosquito bits. These are made of BTI, a naturally occurring bacterium that kills mosquito larvae. It is only toxic to mosquito, fungus gnats, and flies, so will not harm other wildlife or humans.

As the water gets stagnant and the straw ferments, female mosquitos will lay their eggs in the bucket. Once they develop into larvae, the BTI will kill the larvae. Voila! You’ve just made a population trap, by tricking mosquitos into laying their eggs in your bucket, but they will never turn into adults. Over time, you will slash the mosquito population!

Change out the water, straw, and BTI every month, and if you have rodents like mice, rats, or chipmunks, cover the bucket in chicken wire so they cannot fall in and drown.


9 comments on "Control Mosquitos without Toxic Pesticides!"

  1. Beckie St John says:

    This is a good idea and we’ve used these discs in our French drains. We can usually find non pesticide solutions…
    Here is another non-toxic weapon from your bathroom: dilute plain mouthwash (not mint or other flavors) in a spray bottle with water.
    Spray on your patio, deck, outdoor furniture, potted plants or wherever you like to hang out in your yard for a more pleasant mosquito free zone. Play around with the dilution solution to find the concentration that works for your area. Re-spray after a good rain and before your outdoor activities! I’ve been doing this for years with great results.

  2. I think this website is very valuable in providing information about how as an individual, community , business, and government we may share reliable ecologically responsible information.
    I do not live in Montgomery County, appreciate having access to the information provided, and will now also research local resources to access ecologically responsible information. These are great examples of ways to control and manage mosquitos around the home. I will need to locate from where to get the bits to be added with the hay and water..
    Thank you

  3. Alan says:

    I did not see a link to where this product might be available.
    The way I read this I need:
    1) a Bucket (maybe a big flower pot will do)
    2) Straw
    3) Chicken wire
    Where do I get only a handful of straw and about a 12″ square piece of chicken wire?
    Other than these small issues, sounds like a wonderful concept.

    1. Tony says:

      Go to a farm or to any place that has horses they will gladly give you some hay for the trap for free. Go to southern states store or tractor supply store or a hardware store for the chicken wire. Also might find some at the restore store.

    2. Stephen Panossian says:

      Female mosquitoes need stagnant, still water to lay their eggs, which the bucket (with the dunk) will provide. In addition to straw you can use a handful of dried leaves. You will need to replenish the water once the mosquito dunk dissolves. Depending on the brand, mosquito dunks can last 30-45 days, and most garden supply stores and Internet sites sell them. You do not necessarily need the chicken wire.

      Other mosquito prevention tips:
      1) Check your property weekly to be sure you do not have other containers with standing water, unless you can put mosquito dunks in them too. Otherwise, spill out the water onto your lawn.
      2) Clean out your gutters regularly so water flows freely. Shake out any remaining water inside corrugated piping at your downspouts.
      3) Check tree holes if they have water (fill in with sand, saw dust or mulch).
      4) If you have spare tires, keep them indoors, or else cover them with a tarp. Drill a drainage hole if you use one for a swing.
      5) Patch any cracks in pavement around your property.
      6) Clear any drainage gratings on your property.
      7) Patch any holes in screen windows and doors.
      8) Refill water bowls of your pets daily.
      9) Do not overwater your potted plants, and pour out any excess water from the saucers underneath your flower pots.
      10) Shake water out of patio furniture, kids toys including kiddie pools, trash cans and recycling bins, and tarps.
      11) If you have a porch or a deck, consider using standing fans to help blow mosquitoes away–they are not strong fliers.
      12) Bug zappers do not work against mosquitoes and usually kill beneficial insects from your backyard.

  4. Allie says:

    I got rid of my downspout extenders and have hardly felt any mosquitoes since!!! They are mosquitoes breeding ground with a ton of water that just sits in the corrugated surface. It doesn’t help to add a bucket with straw and mosquitoe dunks if you still have water sitting in other places! So many of our homes have these awful extensions, we need to get rid of them!

  5. Mary Travaglini says:

    There’s no advice–mosquitoes fly up to a mile so one bucket should do with a small backyard–if you have a much larger yard with a source of them you could consider another bucket closer to that source.

  6. Mary Travaglini says:

    There’s no advice–mosquitoes fly up to a mile so one bucket should do with a small backyard–if you have a much larger yard with a source of them you could consider another bucket closer to that source.

  7. Linda Silversmith says:

    Take a vitamin B1 (thiamine) tablet before you go outside. This changes the taste of your skin so mosquitoes stay away. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years (after someone else told me about this approach).

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