Lawn & Garden

From mowing the lawn to tending to your vegetable garden, your yard is already a consistent feature of your to-do list.   Why not upgrade your to-do list with projects that both improve your lawn and garden, and help the environment?

Added bonus: Many of these projects will help you save time and money in your yard, including free tree plantings, organic lawn care, and rebates.  Turn your yard into an oasis that will inspire the whole neighborhood.

Lawn & Garden Projects

Compost Food and Yard Trim

All of your non-meat food waste and much of your lawn waste, can be turned into rich compost for your lawn and garden. It’s easy to do and saves money on fertilizers and other amendments. View Project

Dormant Seed Your Lawn

You still can prep your lawn for spring once the soil cools down. Overseeding your lawn is one of the best ways to prevent weeds and improve grass coverage. View Project

Install a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are a beautiful way to use your landscape to soak up and filter excess rainwater and keep it from entering storm drains or going directly into streams. View Project

Create a Conservation Landscape

Conservation landscaping can help protect air and water, manage stormwater, conserve energy, and provide a more beautiful, healthier human environment. By using native plants and low-input designs, you’ll reduce water, pesticide and fertilizer use. View Project

Plant a Tree

Trees, especially large trees, offer a long list of benefits besides their natural beauty, such as helping to clean air and water, absorb stormwater, reduce runoff and more. View Project