Energy Stories

My First Year with Solar PV

Since it’s a year this month that our solar photovoltaic (PV) system got turned on, I thought it would be good for me to share

Introducing the Youth Energy Stars Program!

Montgomery Energy Connection is excited to launch our Youth Energy Stars Program! We’ve created this kid-friendly program featuring the furry and friendly Energy Stars who

Electric Lawn Equipment--Consider "Corded" options!

Going electric with your yard care? Consider corded equipment! Why Should I Transition to Electric Lawn Equipment? Gas powered lawn and garden equipment are a

Lighten Up: Lemons & LEDs

What is Lighten Up? This new initiative as part of Montgomery Energy Connection is an opportunity for residents to exchange their old incandescent and compact

Energy Action Month 2021 - Balloons Soar, Your Utility Bills Shouldn't

What do hot air balloons and incandescent bulbs have in common? They are similar in shape and both produce/use heat. According to Wikipedia, "a hot-air balloon is a

Common Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

When you are dealing with any plumbing problems, it is ideal that you handle the matter as quickly as you possibly can. While there is

Net-Zero Energy Coalition "Beauty of Zero" Exhibit Open for Tours

The concept of net-zero energy buildings - ones that produce as much energy as they use - tends to quickly delve into the details of

Innovate to Mitigate Competition

Innovate to Mitigate challenges 8th–12th grade students to submit ideas that will mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. People around the world are working hard on this problem. To meet the big challenges

Montgomery College Advances on Building Submetering Effort

Montgomery County's premier community college, Montgomery College, has been advancing an effort to submeter every building in its inventory that is connected to the hot

Montgomery Parks Undertakes LED Retrofits at South Germantown Recreational Park

Montgomery Parks recently converted 62 high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures to newer, more efficient LED technology at South Germantown Recreational Park. South Germantown Recreational Park
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