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Raining Rebates! RainScapes has dramatically increased its rebate amounts

The RainScapes program is now awarding increased Rewards Rebates for residential, commercial and institutional property owners who implement efforts to help control stormwater runoff. For all pending and future RainScapes projects, the maximum per property Rewards Rebate has been increased to: $7,500 per residential property; and $20,000 for properties owned by commercial entities, institutions, homeowner

How to dormant seed your lawn

Missed the pre-frost window to establish new grass from seed? You still can prep your lawn for spring once the soil cools down. Overseeding your lawn is one of the best ways to prevent weeds and improve grass coverage. Putting seed down after fall “warmth” is over gives the seed a chance to move into

Yard care tips for the fall

Fall is one of the best times to improve your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden. The basic maintenance you do during this “second spring” will pay off in healthier growth and fewer problems next year.   Mulch Your Trees Now is the time to add a layer of mulch around your trees. In the winter,

Meet the Magical Glomalin: Perhaps the most important glue in the world!

Ever wonder what holds the soil together? It’s not Velcro, tape, or oil: it’s glomalin, a sticky glycoprotein that glues sand, silt, clay, and organic matter together, to create soil aggregates. This creates what farmers and gardeners call “tilth,” which is a feeling of smooth soil granules that flow through your fingers. It’s also naturally
Hands holding compost

Leafgro is switching to 100% sugarcane bioplastic packaging!

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has taken another step to protect the environment. DEP will partner with Braskem’s I’m Green™ polyethylene (PE) and ProAmpac’s Trinity Packaging Division to provide packaging for the County’s compost product, Leafgro®. The new wrapping is a sustainable resource made from sugarcane. “I made the commitment to improving

Plant roots meet historic roots at Pleasant View Historic Site

Each day loads of commuters hustle back and forth along Darnestown Road in Gaithersburg. They walk to and fro on the sidewalks, heading for shopping centers and nearby Quince Orchard High School. The focus always appears to be on the destination, so much so that travelers may never realize they’re shuttling past one of the