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Have you heard of the Buy Nothing Project?

The Buy Nothing Project allows people and communities to narrow the single-use materials or stuff that have never been used to other working hands, through

Do's and Don't's for Outdoor Fires in Montgomery County

Photo by Gavin Von Wagoner on Unsplash Having a fire in your backyard or patio?--stay safe, protect your neighbors, and protect the environment! Essentials of

Using iron-based herbicides for alternative weed control.

About the author: Eric Maurer is the National Accounts Manager for Neudorff USA What’s the deal with iron-based herbicides for weed control? FeHEDTA (iron chelate)

Be Safe and Use CLEAN Reusable Bags!

We want to remind you during this time about the importance of keeping your reusable bag CLEAN! You may help stop potential spread of infection

DEP Live! #EarthDay2020

  Thank you for joining us for DEP's biggest virtual event! On April 22nd we hosted an all-day live stream event to celebrate the 50th

#EarthDay Crafts

With the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day right around the corner, you are about to be inundated with tons of Earth Day messaging. We want

Enter our Lawn Haiku contest--must use "lawn" or "grass"! Entry open until 4/20.

Let's celebrate organic lawns! Winning entries will be published along with free coloring pages! For our haiku contest, poems must contain either the word "grass"or

DEP's Earth Month Goes Online!

Celebrate the 50th-Anniversary of Earth Day   This year, Earth Month events are going to look a little different as we stay at home during

Can taking your shoes off reduce pesticide exposure?

Do you take your shoes off? Reduce pesticide exposure with a door mat. Lush, green lawns are often a place for children to play. Lawns

#GiftGreener: Give Back

It’s the season for giving, which means it is also the season for shopping. The holidays are often marked by excessive spending on brand new
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