Lawn & Garden Stories

Flame weeding–a great replacement for herbicides!

Have pesky weeds in your patio or sidewalk cracks? Want to control weeds in mulched beds without herbicides? Try flame weeding, for an effective, chemical-free

The future is here! All about Robot Mowing.

The Next Big Home Automation: Robot Mowing Are you looking for efficient, state of the art equipment to take care of your lawn? What if

Is it time for a new lawn mower? Go Electric!

Is it time for a new lawn mower? If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, take some tips from the pros

Yard care tips for the fall

Fall is one of the best times to improve your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden. The basic maintenance you do during this "second spring" will

Meet the Magical Glomalin: Perhaps the most important glue in the world!

Ever wonder what holds the soil together? It’s not Velcro, tape, or oil: it’s glomalin, a sticky glycoprotein that glues sand, silt, clay, and organic

Which way to spray for ticks and mosquitoes?

The environment is so in fashion. But a healthy runway doesn't include bug bites or Lyme disease, so when many of us look to keep

Native Spring Blooming Flowers!

Join our Spring Bloom Photo Challenge on Instagram! Upload any photo you already have or take of a native plant blooming and tag @MyGreenMC. Participants

A Quiet Evening in the Garden with Mrs. Li

“Who is suffering? If it’s not our generation, it’s our next generation.”  These are the wise words of Cuiling Li, a 55-year-old Bethesda gardener. We

Control Mosquitos without Toxic Pesticides!

Did you know you can virtually eliminate the mosquito population in your yard and neighborhood with a few simple, non-toxic ingredients? If you didn't know,

Department of Environmental Protection 2021 Year in Review

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has released its 2021 Year in Review video with department highlights! The video features DEP’s Acting Director
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