Water Stories

Stream Critters - Giant Stonefly

Introduction Picture this: an ancient adult stonefly lands on a stegosaurus. The stegosaurus doesn’t notice. The stonefly is looking for a mate, not a huge

Help Reduce Water Pollution

When it rains, there is water (storm water runoff) that is not absorbed into the ground. Instead, it flows down different surfaces such as rooftops,

Stream Critters - Acuminate Crayfish

Introduction “Look! Right there! Under that rock in the middle of the stream! Is that a lobster?” Nope. It’s a crayfish, the smaller freshwater cousin

Stream Critters

Introduction Eels have mystified people from Aristotle who thought they developed from earthworms to young Sigmund Freud who couldn’t find what makes a male eel

Plastic Free July

Choose to Refuse Single-Use Plastics The human population is producing and discarding plastic items at an alarming rate. Microplastics, those tiny pieces of plastic such

Day of Service - Neighbors of the Northwest Branch

Blog post by Darlene Robbins, RainScapes Planner    The sky was a clear, robin’s egg blue when I met up with a group of folks

Kemp Mill Shallow Marsh Wetland

Wetlands Provide Ecosystem Services A dragonfly lands on pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata) at the Kemp Mill Shallow Marsh Wetland Wetlands are often described as the “kidneys

Are you smarter than our Environmental Leaders?

Blog, courtesy of Bethesda Green.     Bethesda Green’s Environmental Leaders Program is an experiential school-year long sustainability program for high school seniors in Montgomery County. The

Myths about Dog Poop!

What's the big deal about scooping dog poop? It's natural. It makes great fertilizer. Rain will wash it away. And wild dogs poop in the

Doing a 1980’s Retro!

Quail Valley 1 Stormwater Pond Retrofit   Do you miss leg warmers and 80’s rock band hair? Well, this is not quite that kind of retro! The
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