Water Stories

Unclog the Bay: Keep your neighborhood storm drains clean!

Have you noticed a storm drain in front of your home or business, school, or house of worship? Take these SIMPLE ACTIONS to make a

Public Invited to Stream Restoration Webinar series

Stream restoration is a complicated and passionate debate for many and can even be quite polarizing. It is not a black and white subject and

Anacostia Watershed Survey

We Want to Hear from You The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is working to improve the way we communicate with our residents. We are

Pollution Prevention Week- Stormwater Management Facilities

Tools in the fight against plastic pollution:   Did you know that stormwater management facilities can often keep plastics out of the Chesapeake Bay?  

Stream Critters - Yellow Lance Mussel

Introduction Can animals that look like rocks and are capable of trickery and bloodsucking have a positive effect on water quality? What if those same

Stream Critters - Marbled Salamander

Introduction Marbled salamanders are marvelous critters. These thin-skinned, cold-blooded salamanders - and frogs and toads - survive winters without coats. That’s amazing. Salamanders can lose

Stream Critters - Giant Stonefly

Introduction Picture this: an ancient adult stonefly lands on a stegosaurus. The stegosaurus doesn’t notice. The stonefly is looking for a mate, not a huge

Help Reduce Water Pollution

When it rains, there is water (storm water runoff) that is not absorbed into the ground. Instead, it flows down different surfaces such as rooftops,

Stream Critters - Acuminate Crayfish

Introduction “Look! Right there! Under that rock in the middle of the stream! Is that a lobster?” Nope. It’s a crayfish, the smaller freshwater cousin

Stream Critters

Introduction Eels have mystified people from Aristotle who thought they developed from earthworms to young Sigmund Freud who couldn’t find what makes a male eel
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