If you’re like us, when you first think of Water Projects, your brain goes to how you can save water in the kitchen and bathroom. You focus on your everyday interaction with water. That’s great and extremely important, but our relationship to water is much more extensive and stretches beyond our front door.

With the diverse set of projects below, we hope you’ll tackle all the type of projects focused on water in your home, as well as in your yard and the greater Montgomery County community.

Water Projects

Install a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are a beautiful way to use your landscape to soak up and filter excess rainwater and keep it from entering storm drains or going directly into streams. View Project

Keep Your Storm Drain Clean

Water that washes off your property into the storm drain — stormwater runoff — doesn’t go to a treatment plant. It often goes straight into our streams. View Project

Create a Conservation Landscape

Conservation landscaping can help protect air and water, manage stormwater, conserve energy, and provide a more beautiful, healthier human environment. By using native plants and low-input designs, you’ll reduce water, pesticide and fertilizer use. View Project

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag

We all know it’s better to use reusable bags than ask for paper or plastic. In fact, Montgomery County has a 5 cent tax on disposable bags, because of how damaging they are to the environment. View Project

Install Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are often the starter project for those interested in helping to reduce stormwater pollution and protect our streams. View Project

Inspect & Repair Leaks

You usually know if a faucet has a major leak, but slow leaks in the bathroom or toilet often go unnoticed. Leaks can account for 13% of a home’s water use, which can also drain hundreds of dollars per year from your pocket. View Project