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An interview with experts: Are backyard mosquito sprays safe and effective?

We get a lot of questions and concerns about backyard mosquito sprays. We interviewed two experts to learn more about the risks. Each year, more

You Can Help Prevent Trash Fires

Materials improperly placed into the trash can be significant fire hazards, capable of starting fires when: mixed in loads of waste in refuse collection trucks,

Plastic Free July

Choose to Refuse Single-Use Plastics The human population is producing and discarding plastic items at an alarming rate. Microplastics, those tiny pieces of plastic such

Clean Water Art Contest Winners!

Every year we host an art contest to help us with educating Montgomery County residents on the importance of protecting our communities and local waters

Make your own 50-cent, pesticide-free Mosquito Trap!

Hold the pesticide sprays! Did you know that most of those sprays being done by mosquito companies not only can harm you, kids. and pets,

Montgomery County celebrates the Nation's largest estuary with Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week (June 6th-14th)

    Bay Bridge From upstate New York to southern Virginia, and West Virginia’s panhandle to eastern Delaware, June 6th-14th is a time for us

Have you heard of the Buy Nothing Project?

The Buy Nothing Project allows people and communities to narrow the single-use materials or stuff that have never been used to other working hands, through

Do's and Don't's for Outdoor Fires in Montgomery County

Photo by Gavin Von Wagoner on Unsplash Having a fire in your backyard or patio?--stay safe, protect your neighbors, and protect the environment! Essentials of

Using iron-based herbicides for alternative weed control.

About the author: Eric Maurer is the National Accounts Manager for Neudorff USA A webinar presented by Eric about this topic can be viewed here.

Be Safe and Use CLEAN Reusable Bags!

We want to remind you during this time about the importance of keeping your reusable bag CLEAN! You may help stop potential spread of infection
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