Keep Your Storm Drain Clean

Tidy up to prevent street flooding and stream pollution.

Whatever you keep out of the storm drain, you keep out of our streams.

Water that washes off your property into the storm drain — stormwater runoff — doesn’t go to a treatment plant. It often times goes straight into our streams. Storm drains can become clogged with excess leaves, tree branches and trash, which can lead to storm drain back-ups that flood streets, your yard and possibly your basement! Trash and contaminants that flow from storm drains into our local streams eventually flow into rivers including the Potomac, which empties into the Chesapeake Bay. It may not seem like a big deal, but you can do a lot to keep our waterways clean just by being sure to tidy your yard, dispose of trash properly, and clean up after your dog, and by encouraging your neighbors to do the same. Here are some simple steps to keep your storm drain and your waterways clean:   Sweeping leaves away from storm drain    


Mulch the leaves with the lawnmower into the grass. It helps the lawn and stops the leaves from stopping up the storm drain. Wash your car in the car wash or on the lawn.

I believe that it should be illegal to blow lawn debris (grass clippings, dirt, leaves,etc) into the street. All of the debris finds its way into the storm drains and into the bay. Lawn companies and home owners should be compelled by law to bag or transport those materials to the recycling facility. I also believe that when leaves are placed curbside for pick up by county trucks that they should not be allowed to be put in the street where they wash down into the storm drains clogging them and sending debris to the bay. There should be a fine if you put your leaves in the street.

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I am happy to have found this information about how to keep a storm drain clean. It is good to know that keeping lids on trash cans and recycling bins can help a lot. This would prevent the wind from blowing unwanted items down the drain. Something else to consider would be to seek professional help if the drain gets blocked or needs to be maintained.

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Drain cleaning allows your pipes to dispose of your wastewater quickly. The more efficient your waste plumbing, the less of a risk to cross-contamination issues, such as back-flow.
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