Daily Choices

We sometimes get stuck thinking about the big ticket green projects – solar panels, rain gardens, EVs, etc. – that we forget how our day-to-day actions can also impact the environment.

Follow your daily routine for a week and write down a list of the simplest changes you can make using the list below– reusable bag, coffee mug, switching cleaning products – and pick one of them.  You’re more likely to integrate a green action into your routine if you try to keep it simple and focused. After you changed that one behavior and made it a regular part of your life, then you can move on to the next.  You’ll be surprised what you can save and accomplish.

Daily Choices Projects

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag

We all know it’s better to use reusable bags than ask for paper or plastic. In fact, Montgomery County has a 5 cent tax on disposable bags, because of how damaging they are to the environment. View Project

Conduct a Home Waste Audit

The first step towards making positive environmental changes is to first understand what you are currently contributing to the waste stream.  Create a baseline – a one-week snapshot of what you consume, what you throw away, and what gets recycled. View Project

Choose Green Cleaning Products

Have you taken a deep look at cleaning products in your home? If you read the labels, we bet they range from bleach, to products that are flammable or lead to indoor air pollution. View Project

Meatless Mondays

The concept isn’t a new one. It became popular during World War I and II when the U.S. Food Administration urged families to reduce consumption of meat to aid the war effort. View Project