Waste Reduction

The 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – are often our first introduction to going green.  If you are regular recycler, you might think “been there, done that” and skip the projects below entirely.

But we challenge you to look through the projects and test whether you are truly a waste reduction champion.  Do you know what to do with old pills, or reduce junk mail? Or what about the items you can bring to the Transfer Station?

Our Waste Reduction projects go beyond the 3Rs to help you become a true green champion.

Waste Reduction Projects

Compost Food and Yard Trim

All of your non-meat food waste and much of your lawn waste, can be turned into rich compost for your lawn and garden. It’s easy to do and saves money on fertilizers and other amendments. View Project

Recycle clothes, shoes, and other textiles

As you decide what to keep or throw in your wardrobe, we recommend not just disposing your old clothes into the trash.  There are other things you can do with your textiles that will keep you in-style and eco-conscious. View Project

Gift Differently

Gifting green means thinking about the impact to the environment of what we buy, as well as, how we buy our gifts. View Project

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag

We all know it’s better to use reusable bags than ask for paper or plastic. In fact, Montgomery County has a 5 cent tax on disposable bags, because of how damaging they are to the environment. View Project

Conduct a Home Waste Audit

The first step towards making positive environmental changes is to first understand what you are currently contributing to the waste stream.  Create a baseline – a one-week snapshot of what you consume, what you throw away, and what gets recycled. View Project