Maintain Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Get a handle on your biggest home energy users.

Get a handle on your biggest home energy users.

Half your energy bill goes to heating and air conditioning your home, on average. If your units are not running in top form, they’re wasting your money. An annual check-up and maintenance keeps them running efficiently, keeps your energy bills in line, and can also increase their useful life, delaying expensive system replacement.


BIG DEFICIENCY! You have no information on the fundamentals: what to buy when building a new home or replacing major appliances in an old home. You should have information on earth-coupled heat pumps, solar panels, how to find the most energy efficient refrigerators and freezers, washers, dryers, spas and hot tubs.

Sorry you missed the Green Projects: Choose Energy Efficient Products, Install a Programmable Thermostat, and Caulk and Weatherstrip Everything! Peggy.
You are absolutely right that there are several things a homeowner can do when building or retrofitting a home. What we’ve found here at DEP is that a lot of homes need to amp-up the basics like adding insulation and making sure the home has proper air sealing. Getting an energy audit will determine what is most needed in a home. We’d hate to see folks shell-out for the big stuff, like solar and geothermal, when it’s the little stuff that’s often the culprit of high energy bills.

I read where one can clean coils, but I don’t see “how to clean AC ducts”. Can you please advise what to use and how to apply, especially in deep ducts that are unreachable? Is there something I can spray in them to kill mold and bacteria? Thanks.