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Add a tree for shade, beauty and cleaner air.
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Trees work long and hard to benefit the environment.

Trees, especially large trees, offer a long list of benefits besides their natural beauty. They help clean air and water; take up stormwater; reduce erosion; provide wildlife habitat; filter carbon dioxide out of the air; serve as windbreaks; and provide shade for buildings, driveways, and outside air conditioners and air-source heat pumps, helping these systems operate more efficiently. Strategically sited shade trees can reduce home energy use by an average of 249 kilowatt-hours per year, or about 2%. Plant deciduous shade trees – those that lose their leaves in the winter – to shade the southern exposure of your home in the summer, but still allow winter sun to warm your home. Plant evergreens for windbreaks.  
Image of a girl planting a tree

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I took a 2 trees out because they blocked my solar panels. The solar panels produce 30% of my electrical power. It is now 50% of my electrical power since I cut back on my electrical use. I have awnings on the south side that stop sun in the summer and allow it in the winter.

Hi raingarden. I took out an eastern white pine that was raggedy and partly shading my solar panels and am really sorry! The squirrels and woodpeckers are gone, and sightings of other wildlife in the yard have decreased too. The increase in solar panel efficiency is probably offset by decrease in shade to the attic. I have replanted that area with river birch and am squeezing in as many native trees as possible in other parts of this small lot to make up for the mistake.


Hi tomatillo. You don’t need shade trees to invite wildlife into your garden, smaller trees do as well. Solar panels don’t increase attic heat, and attic solar heat should be ameliorated through insulation not shade trees. Protecting the ozone layer matters.

I have fallen big branch of tree during last windstorm. It belong t neighborhood but fallen in my area of house.
How it can be removed. 301 906 0099.

The Muddy Branch Alliance has started an initiative to plant trees in the Gaithersburg/North Potomac areas. If you are interested, read more about it on our website. If you would like a tree for your yard please do contact us!

Rob and Susie Huey

live at 4614 Maple Ave and I believe our whole block is interested…


Alejandra Franco

My family are interested in planting a tree in memory of our late cousin who past away last Sunday. We would like to do this in a public are so that we all can visit it freely. Is this possible, if so, could you please send me information.

Thank you,


Kevin Shaulis

I’m interested in getting one or two trees planted in a common area behind my townhome. The HOA I belong to removed two large pine trees behind my home which provided shade and privacy to my backyard. I requested that the trees be replaced at a recent HOA meeting, but I was denied because of the cost and setting a precedent to replace all trees that are cut down in the community. I have lived in my townhome for almost 12 years now, and the trees that were cut down were probably over 30 years old. Out of those 12 years that I lived there, the past two years we have had no shade or privacy.


To get started with the request for free Tree Montgomery tree plantings, visit and complete the form. If the trees are on HOA property, then we would need permission from the HOA to move forward. If they are on your property then our staff will work directly with you. If you have specific questions on the process, email


Hello, my team of 30 and I are interested in tree planting as a team building activity and to help out our local community. Do you have programs that offer this type of activity? Please advise, we are excited to get started!

Hi Gina, thanks for your interest in planting trees. At this time we do not have any tree planting events scheduled, but I believe my colleague Laura Miller sent you some information about organizations you can contact to learn about local tree planting programs. I hope that info was helpful, and if we can assist with anything else, please feel free to contact me.
Susan Kornacki
Outreach and Education Specialist, DEP

Plant a tree for me