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DEP Reusable Bag Giveaway at Wheaton + Lake Forest Malls

Heading to the Mall for holiday shopping? On the first 4 Saturdays in December, DEP will be distributing reusable bags at either the Lake Forest or Wheaton Malls. Our goal is to help you save $.05 at the store, including department stores. Many people forget to bring their bags when shopping for gifts. We’re hoping

Our top tips for a green back-to-school season

Summer is almost over, and that means one thing — the non-stop back to school ads with dancing kids and the message to shop, shop, shop for the school year. If you’re like me, and trying to minimize your environmental footprint, this time of year can be very stressful. Did you know that the National

Remodeling? Learn to identify green building products

Just as the words “fresh” and “natural” have become marketing buzzwords with the foods that we consume, so too have “green” and “eco-friendly” become the defining jargon for the building products we purchase. Truly “green” products can increase rental or resale value of property and lower operating costs, but how can you be sure you’re