#GiftGreener: Give Back

December 23, 2019
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It’s the season for giving, which means it is also the season for shopping. The holidays are often marked by excessive spending on brand new gifts for loved ones. Consider donating unwanted, used possessions to support your local community members in need! Not only are you giving back to your neighbors, but also ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and keeping waste out of landfills. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member, volunteer or donate to a local charity in their name. Another way to take care of your community is to donate at your nearest blood bank.

Give a Donation 

Giving doesn’t have to cost you anything! Montgomery County’s Donation center picks up gently used items and donates them to nonprofits. Email volunteer@montgomerycountymd.gov to list your furniture, computers, and equipment. Plenty of other resources are provided for donating used books, clothes, toys, smaller electronics, or food. Maryland Freecycle and Craigslist are other options for selling and giving. For objects that no longer work or serve a purpose, check out the Department of Environmental Science’s recycling & disposal page. Reusing extends the life of any product and proper recycling outweighs landfill trash.

Give Blood 

It can be challenging to stay healthy during these icy cold months. If you are fortunate to be in good health, donating at a local blood bank is an extremely beneficial form of giving and may make a lasting impact in someone’s life. The website linked above provides detailed information about how and where to donate as well as an updated list of current blood type shortages for the Montgomery County area. This gift could make all the difference. Embrace the true spirit of the season by giving back.

Give Time 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to engage with friends and neighbors in your area, peruse the Montgomery County Volunteer Center site for volunteer events and positions. You can search based on location, available dates, categories, and specific organizations. This could be a fun activity to spend time with family and meet others who live in your community. The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection even has a printable volunteer/donation coupon to give as a gift. Volunteer work helps others and the environment by spreading the love and minimizing waste!


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