Arbor Day

December 24, 2020
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Arbor Day in Maryland! April 7, 2021

Did you know that every state in the nation observes Arbor Day? The date in each state is generally a good time to plant a tree in that area. This varies widely depending on if you’re living in Florida or Alaska. Maryland celebrates Arbor Day on the first Wednesday in April, but in this region most anytime from November thru April works great for getting your trees in the ground.

The Why behind when to Plant Trees

One of the main reasons for planting trees during the late fall thru early spring is that during this time trees are dormant. When trees are in this state of inactivity they are less susceptible to the many stresses of being transplanted.  By planting early in the year trees have more time to grow new roots before the heat of summer.  Planting your trees at the proper time will help them adapt to its new location more quickly and thrive to become the full-sized trees we all enjoy.

Happy Homes for some New Trees

Tree Montgomery is wrapping up the biggest planting season in the program’s history with more than 2,000 canopy trees planted between this past November 2020 and April 2021. Tree Montgomery plants throughout Montgomery County and takes requests year-around. Tree experts will work with you virtually to help determine which locations and tree species will work best for you and your property. You can request one or multiple trees for your home by following this link.

Here are few Montgomery County residents with their newly planted trees.

How to Keep all Your Trees Happy

In addition to tree plantings around Arbor Day, it’s important to care for your existing trees. This could be as easy as adding mulch to your trees or calling a tree expert to determine if corrective pruning is needed. One of the most important aspects of tree care is on making sure new trees are watered in the first 2-3 summers. Giving your new trees 20-25 gallons of water once a week during the hot summer months makes a big difference in helping them become established.  We have a lot more information and tips on our website concerning tree care,

Have a Happy Arbor Day and make sure to celebrate by taking time to enjoy the trees around you and all the great benefits they provide! 

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