Energy Express: Imagine Your Story

July 11, 2020

What is Energy Express?

This is the 4th year we have partnered with Montgomery County Public Libraries during their Summer Reading Program.

And this year, we are going VIRTUAL!!! Yes, all of our presentations will be via Zoom. You will have to register with the libraries to attend.

Imagine Your Story

This year’s theme is “Imagine Your Story” and the Department of Environmental Protection’s Residential Energy Program has so many stories about ENERGY that we want to share with kids (and their families) throughout the County. This year, we have special treat because students from the P.O.W.E.R. (Peer Outreach with Energy Resources) Program we be providing these presentations to students and their families.

The P.O.W.E.R. Program is a collaborative between Audubon Naturalist Society and DEP. Through this program, high school students learned how to share valuable information with Montgomery County residents about energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy opportunities available to them. These high school students have been trained to provide the most informative and interactive presentation at libraries this summer.

Join us for this Choose Your Own Adventure style journey where we IMAGINE THE STORY of an energy source chosen by the participants – will they learn about the life cycle of coal? Or maybe they will choose to learn about hydropower? Every presentations depends on the interaction between participants and the leaders. Don’t miss out on this super fun and interactive opportunity.

Attend a Virtual Session

Date & Time MoCo Library
June 30 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
June 30 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 2 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 2 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 7 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 7 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 9 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 14 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 16 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 16 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 21 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 21 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 23 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 28 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 28 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
July 30 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
July 30 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
August 4 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual
August 6 @ 11am – 12pm Virtual
August 6 @ 2pm – 3pm Virtual

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