Montgomery Energy Connection Scavenger Hunt

September 1, 2020

Montgomery Energy Connection Scavenger Hunt Extended through October 31, 2022!

Due to popular demand, Montgomery Energy Connection Scavenger Hunt has been extended for another year through October 31, 2022!

Scavenger hunt is a fun, self-paced exploration and discovery activity that is fun for all ages! This will continue to be a year long event, so you have time to complete this hunt over the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Have fun! 

Explore the many ways you can be more energy and water efficient in your daily lives, helping our environment while keeping more money in your pocket. Get to know our remarkable Montgomery Energy Connection Partners and discover your community!

What is Montgomery Energy Connection? Montgomery Energy Connection is a network of over sixty County agencies, local organizations, and businesses. Our goal is for us to all work together and help spread the message about home energy efficiency in our community.

How do I join the Scavenger Hunt?!

It is easy to play, and the Scavenger Hunt will continue all year long! Simply visit a Scavenger Hunt location, hunt for the sign onsite, and text the customized code for steps to authenticate your visit. Play for a chance to receive a Circuit Prize Pack from Montgomery Energy Connection by completing any Scavenger Hunt Circuit!

What is a Circuit?

Complete any Circuit to receive a prize! We have grouped similar Scavenger Hunt locations to create a Circuit, and you only need to visit 56 locations within a Circuit for a chance to receive a prize! The first participant to complete a circuit will receive a Circuit Prize Pack. With 56 Circuits to choose from, we have a circuit for everyone from Libraries, Parks to Pools to Senior and Recreation Centers. And don’t miss the Leisure Circuit, which is filled with restaurants, breweries, museums, and much more!

Participants and households can only receive a prize once per Circuit.

For a complete listing of all Scavenger Hunt Partner locations and Circuit listings, please click here.

To view a MAP of the Scavenger Hunt Partner locations, please explore below:


Safety First

The County urges our residents and visitors to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. If you visit any of the Scavenger Hunt locations, please keep six feet between you and others at all times, do not touch surfaces such as water fountains, and athletic equipment at park locations, and always wear your mask.


This webpage describes the official rules (“Official Rules”) of the Scavenger Hunt organized by the Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) and Montgomery Energy Connection (“MEC”), (the “Game”).

The object of this activity is for participants to learn about our partners’ energy and water efficiencies and learn how easy it is for them to also be efficient with energy and water usage in their homes. The game will provide Montgomery County residents and visitors the opportunity to connect with their community and explore the many ways they can also be energy and water efficient in their lives, helping our environment while keeping more money in their pockets. Information on how to enter and about the prizes is part of these Official Rules. To the extent of any inconsistency, these Official Rules prevail.


  • “Montgomery Energy Connection Partner” means a Montgomery Energy Connection collaborating County agency, local organization, and/or business.
  • “Circuit” means a group of similarly themed participating MEC Partner locations.
  • “Circuit Prize Pack” means a gift bag of variable promotional items as a prize for completing a Circuit.
  • “Check In” means to physically visit a participating MEC Partner location and authenticate the visit by locating the Scavenger Hunt sign on site and texting the location’s customized code to the toll-free number provided on the bottom front of each sign. A confirmation reply will be sent and require the “Participants” first and last name and possible selfie on site in response to complete the “check in”.
  • “Participant” means the individual who checks in to any participating Scavenger Hunt location under the terms of this Contest.


  1. The Game is open to Montgomery County residents and visitors. The Game is not open to companies, educational institutions, organizations, etc. or to groups associated with such institutions or MEC Partners.
  2. Participants must be of sufficient legal age and standing to enter into a contract with DEP and MEC as required below.

How to Play

  1. Visit for rules, details, locations, and Circuit listings.
  2. Visit any participating MEC Partner location.
  3. Locate the Scavenger Hunt sign on site. See sign sample below and note that the placement of the sign is different at every location – that’s what makes it a Scavenger Hunt!

4. To check in and authenticate a Scavenger Hunt location, Participants must text the provided customized code found on the bottom front of the on-site Scavenger Hunt sign to the provided toll-free number, also found on the bottom front of each sign.

5. A confirmation text will be returned to the Participant and request the Participant’s first and last name and, upon random selection, a selfie in front of the on-site Scavenger Hunt sign. Once the Participant’s full name information is returned via text, and possible on-site selfie, that location has completed the check in process.

6. The first Participant to complete a Circuit will receive a Circuit Prize Pack containing a variety of promotional items – there will be six total residents who receive this prize. Those who complete the circuit must share an email to coordinate prize distribution via mail.

8. Participant and/or Households can only receive one prize pack per calendar year (October 1, 2021 – October 1, 2022).

9. Winner will be announced and congratulated on MEC Instagram upon approval of Participant.


Subject to the legal requirements outlined above, the Participants who complete a circuit will receive via mail.

  1. A Circuit Prize Pack containing a variety of promotional items, while supplies last.
  2. A congratulations announcement on the MEC Instagram account


Participation constitutes the Participant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules. By participating in the Game, the Participant is representing and warranting that he/she/they has read and understood, and agrees to be bound by, these rules. Including the guides and rules referred to herein, these Official Rules constitute the entire agreement between the Participant, DEP and MEC in relation to the Game. They govern the Participant’s participation and supersede any prior or other agreements between the Participant, DEP and MEC and relating to the Game.

Parks Circuit added for Earth Month 2021!!

In honor of Earth Month 2021, we have added a new Circuit!!! Montgomery Parks partnered with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Montgomery Energy Connection (MEC) to announce the Parks Circuit of the 2020-21 MEC Scavenger HuntThis fun, self-paced exploration leads residents around the county to discover locations that use energy-saving techniquesAll of the details and rules for the Parks Circuit are listed on the MEC’s webpageResidents are encouraged to use the Home Energy Tip that is recommended at every location. For additional information on Montgomery Parks’ stewardship efforts, please visit the Sustainability Program page. 

Restaurants added to the Leisure Circuit! 

Montgomery Energy Connection (MEC) has partnered with the MoCo Show to announce 12 new restaurants in the Leisure Circuit of the 2020-21 MEC Scavenger Hunt! This fun, self-paced exploration activity leads residents around the county to discover restaurants that use energy-saving techniques. These restaurants are all part of the 2nd Taste of MoCo Passport created by the MoCo Show. Our intention with these new additions is to support local restaurants by helping residents discover what these establishments have to offer!

The first participant to visit the 12 new restaurants on the Leisure Circuit will receive their own Taste of MoCo Passport! The 2nd Edition of the Taste of MoCo Passport includes $200 worth of gift passes and free items from 24 restaurants across Montgomery County.


2 comments on "Montgomery Energy Connection Scavenger Hunt"

  1. Lisa says:

    Sign was missing at Plum Gar yesterday, 3.31.21. We looked on every gate, all fences onsite and all windows & doors of the center. Beautiful community center. The ramp from parking lot to baseball field is quite nice. The bridge/nature walkway from the center to the neighborhood is lovely.

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      Thank you for letting us know it is missing – we will be on the lookout to find out where it went – now it is a fun mystery! Glad you enjoyed the nature walkway!

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